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What’s in a name…?

February 11, 2006
Well, I was going to call my space:  Diary of a Lazy Bitch, but I wasn’t allowed to, because ‘bitch’ was classed as offensive.  Fair enough.    So I have changed it.
Anyway, I prefer Lazy Bitch because I havent bothered much with this space, since I created it.  Am I bovvered?  I suppose I could have called it: Am I Bovvered?!  Nah.  Madwoman will do nicely…thanks Gary.
I got called Madwoman when I was working at the uni, and had to clean the big glass doors into LRC.  Of course, being under 5′, I could not reach the top, so I had to jump up and down to reach.  One of the security chappies, Gary, found it highly amusing and said that I was jumping up and down like a madwoman…which is what he called me from then onwards!
I kinda liked my new name…so I kept it!
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