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Waiting for a bus…

May 24, 2006
As I mentiond in my previous entry about talking to people.  When I’m waiting for my bus to work, it is fairly easy to strike up a conversation with someone who I see regularly, because the easiest opening lines are usually about how they are always late (the buses, I mean)!  Or if someone gets to the bus stop just as the bus arrives I will give them a smile and say something about good timing.  It’s easy, really, I just need more practice.
The people that I wrote about are the ones who pass us by, staring at the ground, or clouds, rather than at us, and we do the same thinking that they are somehow superior…they are not!  They probably feel the same about us, or they might be so shy that they find it difficult to look at anyone (I know, because I used to be painfully shy once). 
Probably all they need is a smile…so give them one of yours.  Remember, smiles are catching!
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