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Positive versus Negative

May 29, 2006
How many people have started the day feeling energised, and positive that the day would be a good one, only to bump into an old friend or acquaintance and on asking them how they are get a whole list of every disaster that has beset them since the last time you met?  Sound familiar?  How does this make you feel?  If you are anything like me, you probably start sneaking a look at your watch and wishing you hadn’t asked!
Now, how would you feel if this person had said:  "Absolutely great, thanks…you?" instead of inviting you to their pity party?  I bet you would have been uplifted by the positive energy that they exuded.  Positive people are a joy to be around.
Many years ago, I was feeling particularly vulnerable and lonely, and this made me sad.  When I bumped into friends, I always had a moan about not having anyone to go out with, how lonely I was, etc., in the hope that they would feel sorry for me and invite me to join them.  I could never understand why no-one ever called.  This made me more depressed, and when I bumped into friends, I really had a good bitch about how unfeeling people could be.  I was so negative that I would not be surprised if they crossed to the other side of the street to avoid me!  It was a downward spiral of depression and despair.  Sound familiar?
What changed me?  For me it was reading a book called ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J Schwartz.  In that book he shows us the differences between big thinkers and small thinkers.  The more I read, the more I realised that I was the latter, and that I needed to change!  I took it one step at a time, finding five things that made me smile each day, and before I knew where I was…I was smiling all the time! 
Here’s what I found: when I smiled…people smiled back!  Isn’t that simple!  The more I smiled at people, the more they smiled back!  It made me feel good, so I smiled more…I was on an upward spiral, and instead of giving people negative all the time, I tried being more positive.  This made others more positive, and so it got easier.
Yes, there have been times when I slid back into negaitive mode, but I was able to check myself, fire Mr Negative, and hire Mr Positive instead!  Now I see the world in colour instead of shades of grey, and it’s full of smiling faces instead of scowling faces (okay, there are plenty of scowling faces about, but I just don’t notice them anymore!)
The thing is to be ‘Positively charged’, and make those around you smile.  Good things happen to Positive people, because they focus on the good things.  When bad things happen to them, they learn lessons from them and move on, their minds tuning in to Positive things around them.
Negative people, on the other hand, have minds tuned in to every negative thing and person around them, almost ignoring anything good that comes their way.  How sad! 
So, be Positive, be Happy, and Smile all the time!
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  1. Ogheneovo permalink
    May 30, 2006 3:39 pm

    So, I am going to add this to my What Sandi said category of my blog. You do not mind do you?

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