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Believe in Yourself

September 10, 2006
How many people do you know who, when asked to do something, say:  "I can’t do that".  How many people say things like…I’m no good at…!  I’m useless at…!  I don’t have the brains to be…!  Sound familiar?  Yes, this is me.  I’m no different from anyone else.
This is what is known as negative self-talk, and we are all guilty of it.  We go through life being told that we would be ‘stupid’ to try this, or that we are ‘idiots’ to even think that we could become that, that by the time we are adults we believe these things. Someone once said:  If you think you can, or you think you can’t…you’re probably right!  Well it’s time to stop creating self-fulfilling prophecies and change our self-talk instead
How do we do that?  Well, first we have to become aware of what we are saying.  Our negative self-talk is ingrained, a habit, and with changing any habit we have to catch ourselves saying these things and replace the negative words with positive ones instead.  Instead of saying ‘I can’t’ say ‘I can’, replace ‘I’m useless at this’ with ‘I’m good at this’. 
At first it is hard work, but with practice it becomes a lot easier.  It doesn’t even matter if you don’t really believe to begin with, just do it, because the brain does not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.  In time you believe what you are re-programming your brain with and you will gain in confidence, sporting ability or whatever it is you are trying to change.
So, if you are feeling sad, tell yourself that you are happy and laugh out loud!  If you lack confidence, say ‘I am confident’ and stand tall.  The rest of the world will see what you want them to see…so believe in yourselves!
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  1. ANNA permalink
    September 10, 2006 4:51 pm

    hope u don\’t mind me checking your space.
    i couldn\’t agree more about positive thinking. far too much time is wasted being miserable/worrying/stressing.
    when i feel insecure (usually about looks) i talk myself into believing i am gorgeous, and before i know it, im having a great night and have forgotten all about cellulite.

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