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It’s so good to be back online!

September 10, 2006
Since we lost our internet connection…when I say ‘lost’, I mean that Robert told AOL where to ‘put’ their service…  [Bob says: I was not that polite…  2.5 hours on the phone and their techie guy managed to talk me through deleting all my settings then hung up… good move! Anyone seen Godness Gracious Me? INDIAN
Whose blog is this, eh?!  Now I have forgotten what I was going to write!!!
[No change there, then] 
Cheeky bugger!  [And the surprise is…..??]
Who is surprised?  Look,  write in your own blog…or write a comment to mine if you must, but just let me get on with this one, will you!!
[Temper, temper. Stuff it, then. I will, ner ne ner ne ner ner!]
Oh, blow it!  What I was saying was…it’s great to be back online at long last!!!
[Boing! Time for bed, said Zebedee… tutty bye, y’all!  Terrible, four pints and I’m anybody’s.  Five and I’m everybody’s, lol.  To see if I’m really this stupid, check out my blog, Sandi will no doubt be able to remember the address… or find it…]
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