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Release Your Inner Goddess!

September 25, 2006
Thank you, Anna, for your comment…you have made me think about that inner Goddess that we all possess.  Have you noticed how some people just exude beauty (even if they are not particularly physically attractive), how others notice them when they enter a room…and how some beautiful women don’t grab anyone’s attention.  Why is this?
The secret, I think, is in how we think about ourselves.  The beautiful woman may have so many hang-ups about her looks and body, that others pick up on this.  The less attractive woman may say:  "Hey, I have cellulite…so what!"  She may also believe in her personal magnetism, and attract men in the process.  Once, in my Middle Eastern dance class, we were told to believe in our inner Goddess and say to ourselves, when dancing:  "I am a Goddess, look at me!"  Is this what makes the dance genre so attractive, I wonder?
Whatever it is, believe in your INNER GODDESS!!!
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  1. Sandi permalink
    June 21, 2008 9:14 pm

    This is just as pertinent for the men…you have an Inner God just waiting to be released…so walk tall and be beautiful!

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