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It’s in the Flamin’ Loft!!!!!

December 4, 2006
Oh, I’m getting really mad!  A few weeks ago, I decided to start making a costume for next years Jane Austen Festival in Bath, and have got the fabrics for the dress and spencer already.  The problem  I am having at the moment, is that every time I have an idea for the bonnet, or trimmings, or whatever, I realise that everything that I need is in the loft. 
So, why don’t I just go up there and get them?  Simple!  I am not tall enough!  Several months ago, Robert lent our ladder out, and we still have not got it back, even though I have asked him several times to do so.  I am getting really frustrated!!!  Actually, I am getting really pissed off about it!!!
Not only is it about getting things down for the costume project, but there is a growing pile of stuff that is taking up space in our humble little hallway, that needs to be stashed away up there…so, the message to our friend is Buy yourself a Loft Ladder and Give Ours Back!!!!!  Please.  Thank you.
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