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More About Lifes Whuppings

March 19, 2007
Last year, I wrote about Life’s Whuppings because I was going through a bad patch.  Well, it didn’t get resolved, and right now I feel as though I am on the very edge of the precipice, and the ground is crumbling beneath my feet.  What the heck do I do?!  With a mortgage that needs paying, debts that need paying, bills that need paying, and who knows what else, now is definitely NOT a good time for uncertainty on the jobs front!
The garage where I work is being taken back to direct management, and tomorrow all staff are to have induction and training.  Robert was promised that his position was safe, and that he would be on the same salary, but instead of being called ‘manager’ would now be a ‘supervisor’.  Now we don’t know what is happening.  Is he to be a supervisor, or not?  Due to a ‘technicality’, as a result of their security check, it now seems that he has been demoted to cashier, as he cannot be a key-holder.  He has been running that site, as manager, for nine years, and been trusted by the owner.  I am so angry…and worried.  What is going on? 
On Friday, it was even suggested he take redundancy!  He worked bloody hard to get where he is today, and for what?  So they can say:  "Sorry, mate, but you were in debt six years ago, so we don’t trust you with our money."?!  What is the matter with the world today?  Isn’t the fact that our boss trusted him all these years worth anything?  Obviously not!
So, that is our bloody great thunder cloud, looming over us!  Can someone please show me the silver lining…or is that for us to discover in a few weeks, or months time?  I am trying to remain positive, but it’s very hard.  It’s the waiting that does it.  Infernal waiting!
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