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September 29, 2007
Gosh! It’s certainly been a while since last I added anything!  Right, I’ve some catching up to do, then…so here goes…
After Esso took back the site, under ROC, things did not improve with our new manager’s cock-ups and over ordering.  It was sick to watch good food going to waste on a daily basis, just because he could not be bothered to do anything about the ordering system…something to do with black marks against him(?!)
A succession of temperary managers improved things in some areas, but not others, and finally we got a permanent manager.  She seemed to be a nice person, but I realised that she didn’t have much idea about some things when she kept on asking how to do simple transactions on the till…because she’d…um…forgotten.  Give me a break!
Then there was the fact that Robert was constantly being rostered on to do shifts as a cashier, instead of being able to do his job, as supervisor, and his frustration and anger at watching the site he’d run for our boss for nine years, going to pot.  I felt helpless and useless.
We both needed to get out of there, so I started to look for another job but haven’t had a lot of luck, so far, and Robert walked straight into a new job (and new challenges) through someone he knew at the pub.
Things got too much for me (or so I thought) and I ended up in tears nearly every day, wanting to scream at the world, not wanting to go out, shaking, and generally feeling a mess. The doctors was the only option, and my best friend, boss and Robert all agreed…so off I went.  He asked a lot of questions, gave me a questionaire and sent me to the hospital for blood tests. A week later I was back to be told that I had a healthy liver and kidneys, and that I was not on the verge of menopause, as I had suspected.  The results that he was really interested in had not come back, so I had to make another appointment.
The next appointment, and I finally found out that how I had been feeling could not be helped as I have an over-active thyroid.  So, yes, I was hormonal, but different hormones were responsible.  I am now taking tablets, and am, happily, feeling like my old self again.  Thank heaven for modern medicine! 
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  1. Sandi permalink
    June 21, 2008 9:26 pm

    Apart from the bloody side-effects that have left me feeling physically worse!!!

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