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We’re not just sheep!!!

May 26, 2008
Having spent half an hour typing a follow-on to my last entry, I saved it to ‘draft’ …and now I can’t find it!!  Is there some mysterious black hole where unfinished work goes, and is never seen again?!  As I’ve mentioned previously, I am a computer novice.
The gist of my ‘lost’ entry was, that I had been thinking about my ‘little box’, and came to the conclusion that we are all being stuffed into boxes of one kind or other…usually known as ‘pigeon-holes’…these days almost from birth!  Kids aren’t allowed to just be kids any more, they have to be labelled…ADHD, dyslexic, stupid, etc…no wonder so many of them are so screwed-up!  Poor b*****ds!
When do the little blighters ever have time to just play, normally,without the Health & Safety Gestapo interfering?  They are being pushed and shoved and herded younger and younger.  It can’t be right.
Even I feel like a sheep when I go out…all those damned railings that try to force me to cross busy roads around the corner, where I can’t see what the hell is coming, and I’m more likely to be hit…or is that the point?!  More pedestrians involved in accidents, it’s obvious that they need to be herded, and watched, and treated like idiots…
You B*****ds!!!  I’m not a sheep!!  I don’t belong in a box!  Well, not yet…
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  1. tigr permalink
    May 26, 2008 9:10 pm

    This is wot they want !
    i love it when some one goes off on one.
    You might be mad ?
    but you can see the wood through the trees……pardon?

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