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An Alarming Trend

June 9, 2008
It’s a sad reflection of things, today, that when we hear an alarm go off…we moan about it!  It’s true, they are a damned nuisance, as there is an alarm going off some neighbourhood every second of every day, and nine times out of ten they have probably been tripped by something as simple as a bug or the wind. 
As if there isn’t enough noise pollution bombarding our senses…traffic, ‘music’, gadgets, etcthese damned alarms seem to just go on and on and on.  They drive me nuts!!  A neighbour’s car alarm is forever going off, and every summer the same house alarm goes off…why don’t they get the blasted things fixed?!  Better still, why not just disable them, get rid of the buggers…no-one acts on them.  If you report an alarm going off, the police never seem to bother to check it out…well, not until it has driven us all demented!!
They were a good idea, once-upon-a-time, but I’m afraid that it’s time to scrap them.  Burglars and intruders are not fazed by them, sad to say, as one poor woman, here in Lincoln, died before anyone checked out the alarm she set off, after an intruder got into her house and attacked her.  I’m afraid that I have not heard any stories of people’s lives being saved by them, so if you know differently, please let me know.
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