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Busy Skies Over Lincoln

June 11, 2008
While I was adding the ‘Hey Little Sparta’ video (again), and Dave Day’s ‘Nice Kitty Song’ (check them out…very funny!), there was a lot of noise (aircraft)…so I went to see what was flying today.  The first wave of aircraft I missed, but I just caught a glimpse of the second, which I think was the Red Arrows (who will soon be moving from RAF Scampton to RAF Waddington).  Anyway, not sure about them as the third wave of aircraft were coming over, followed by more and more.
It turned out to be quite a ‘procession’ of different planes in formation groups, from a Nimrod flanked by two Tornados (I think), sixteen Tornados in diamond formation, plus others that I could not identify.  Where were they bound, I wonder?  An airshow?  A flypast somewhere?  When I find out more I will let you know…just in case somone out there is interested…
Who needs to go to airshows?  When you live near a major RAF base, you get to see all the lastest incomings ad outgoings. 
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