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Busy Day…!

June 14, 2008
Today, I decided to start giving the living-room a little belated spring-clean…’start’ being the operative word!  I just though; dust, vacuum and wash the floor…simple.  Not!!
Just one corner of the room has been done, so far…thanks to AAADD.  It has been noticed that as you get older, your ability to get what you’d planned done diminishes, as you get side-tracked by all those other things that you notice that also need to be done!  It’s called Age-Affected Attention Deficit Disorder.
So, I started by pulling out the record collection from under the table, then vacuumed.  Then I pulled out the leather recliner and swept and vacuumed.  So far, so good.  Then I noticed that said chair was looking decidedly dusty, so I wiped it over with a damp cloth…hmmm…it dried all smeared and dull.  I know, I’ll give it a going over with some dubbin!  I unzipped all the various cushiony bits and took it apart…vacuumed the under-bits and seat, etc., then got to work with the dubbin.  After a while I thought; bugger that!  I’m pooped!
This was when I noticed that my Ficus Benjamina was very dusty, so I set to work on damp-wiping all the leaves…this plant is taller than me, by the way, and seemed to take forever.
This job finished, I swept and vacuumed the floor again, as I’d dislodged all the tiny dried bits of dust and plant matter, before I finally washed this bit of floor.
The plants got put back, then I tackled the jigsaw puzzle that was a pile of zippered leather cushiony bits, before shoving the chair back, too.
Finally, I put the record collection back under the table, turned round to the devestation that I’d left in the rest of the room…and walked out in despair! 
I know what I”l be doing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Sandi permalink
    June 21, 2008 10:16 pm

    AAADD or Age-Affected Attention Deficit Disorder came from a joke e-mail that Robert received…so don\’t take it seriously! 

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