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FalconDisplay Complaint

June 24, 2008
Last week, I wrote a little bit about a Peregrine falcon’s display at the Lincolnshire Show…well, it was cancelled.  Why?  Because one person complained to the Civil Aviation Authority about ‘things being thrown out of aircraft’  What?!!
I know that some people have nothing better to do than find things to moan and complain about (the real, grumpy old sad b*****ds, rather than the T-I-C variety), but this ‘thing’ is a bird…with wings.  As the people who commented on that news story (This is Lincolnshire) pointed out…’it’ was not ‘thrown’ out of the aircraft, it was released, and it is not being cruel to the bird, as the demonstration is showing what the bird does naturally in the wild.
Falconry displays can only show what these birds can do close to the ground, but they hover at great heights, watching, until they spot their prey, then…whoosh…at speeds nearing 200mph…the deadly feathered missile strikes!
A lot of people were looking forward to seeing that display…one person spoiled it for them.  It will now go ahead at the Wickenby Wings and Wheels event this coming weekend, instead. 
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  1. tigr permalink
    June 24, 2008 10:52 am

    Bloody sickening isn\’t it,this sort of crap is running rampant through our traditions and culture ,all the thingas that make us the odd British,banned,closed down,cancelled.If you look around the world at all the weird and wonderful customs that identify a people as special what would happen to them if they came under the control of our concils,authorities and government bodies.
    A world of little grey people wrapped in cotton wool and wearing cycle helmets and carrying a red flag with \’careful\’ written on it.
    They should introduce Tigers into the British country side,give these control perverts a seizure and every one else a bit of excitment mutter mumble growl.when they venture out of their padded cell………mutter mumble growl.

  2. Sandi permalink
    June 24, 2008 11:55 am

    Who\’s turn is it to go off on one, now?!  I\’m with you on this one…it\’s sickening! 
    Wait…shouldn\’t this be another \’Beef of the Day\’ entry?
    As I said before…We are NOT sheep!!!!  We do not like being shoved into little boxes!!!! 
    Oh, damn!!!!!!  Look at the time!!!!  Don\’t Panic!  Don\’t panic!  They don\’t like it up \’em, those Fuzzy Wuzzie\’s…!!!  Just thrown my tea all over the place…washings not finished…I don\’t have any \’smalls\’…don\’t panic!…gotta go…meeting my mum for lunch…
    Sod it!  Calm down…drink tea…forget the \’smalls\’…who needs \’em, anyway…

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