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The Little Grey People…are Living in Lincoln

June 24, 2008
While I was in town, this afternoon, with my mum, she commented again about the newly re-paved precinct…Tigr, your little grey people live and work here, in Lincoln!!  It must have been them who had the great idea of using…grey York stone!  It shows up every sticky thing that is dropped or spilt, and only looks nice when it is raining.  They haven’t even broken up the expanse of grey with a contrasting colour, as with the previous paving.
And, guess what colour the new bins are?  D’ya wanna clue…?  
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  1. tigr permalink
    June 24, 2008 11:26 pm

    Well at least we are not little grey people wrapped in cotton wool,
    support stockings thermal under wear and VIC yes but not grey and not cotton wool.
    The precinct paving will soon have a more natural patchwork of colour,
    blood,urine,vomit,chinese take away,lager and chips,which will all blend together
    to give that authentic English town look.
    As for the bins ,well they will soon be a riot of colour
    as they become an expression of urban street culture displayed by young angry artistes.
    That to you and me is snot faced yobbos who can barely speak let alone write.
    So as they wind there way home to mum,treading on their fingers as they walk,
    i will wish you a fond farewell and goodnight.

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