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Crowbar ‘Stunt’ Axed Again!

June 30, 2008
Poor Crowbar.  The Peregrine falcon whose display was cancelled at the Lincolnshire Show…has been axed a second time!  The CAA warned that people could be prosecuted for dropping ‘things’ out of aircraft.  As someone commented, this is Health and Safety gone mad…the ‘thing’ is a bird, doing what it does in the wild! 
I feel a RANT coming on, again…so see for yourselves, check out for todays stories…
Also, an article about the Tooth Fairy cheating Lincolnshire’s youngsters!  Someone commented…well, that was a newsworthy story!  Quite.  And Santa informs us that the Tooth Fairy does not exist…
See my dilemma?  What heading to use?  Beef of the Day or Madness?!!!!!
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  1. tigr permalink
    June 30, 2008 12:24 pm

    Perhaps the CAA think it\’s a real Crow Bar ……?
    Any way they said \’can be prosecuted\’ not will.
    So they should chuck the barmy bird out and lets see a court convict when they see how stupid the objection is.
    why the hell didn\’t they just do it………wimps.
    and how are you today… little ray of sunshine. 

  2. tigr permalink
    June 30, 2008 12:36 pm

    Why is it ok for a person to jump out of a plane and float  down and not a bird who is one tenth the mass and designd for it?
    Write in and tell em to just do it , nowt will happen.The nerd at the CAA responsible for these threats should be sacked on the grounds of being a complete and utter wanker.

  3. Sandi permalink
    June 30, 2008 12:53 pm

    I agree with you!  Yes, they should have just gone ahead…a jury would have laughed so much…then all been sacked and done for contempt of court!  Like someone commented…H&S gone mad!!!
    Today, I\’ve been grinding my teeth and then laughing at PFs picture caption comps…can\’t think of anything because I keep laughing…more dogs bums…!! LOL!
    So how\’s you?…apart from growling at the same madness.

  4. tigr permalink
    June 30, 2008 3:03 pm

    i is foin. obviously crapping through the guys letter box and pissin in his milk bottle finally did the trick .
    Just thinkin of jumpin in the bath,i do it every month whether i need it or not.
    Bit of clean under wear that doesn\’t crack when yer sit down and i will be ready for anything.
    Claws could do with a trim,in serious danger of ripping of me nads when i go in for a rummage…as you do.
    I like to keep me self presentable yer know.

  5. Sandi permalink
    June 30, 2008 3:41 pm

    Oh, what are you like!…you crusty old wotsit!!
    I take it you mean the punk who\’s really been pissing you off, bigtime, just lately.  Homo Erectus is still with us and living in your neighbourhood, then?  And I thought they were extinct!
    What accent do I detect, there? (you\’re \’foin\’)  Cambridgeshire?  Or are you actually from…where did you say you lived?  Birmingham?
    I like to keep presentable too…I need a whole new wardrobe!!!  Need new shoes!!!  New, new, new…!!!!!!

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