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Feelings of Dejavu…!!!!!!!

July 1, 2008
Yesterday, the people in the flat downstairs moved out, and I was worrying about who would replace them.  I’m still worrying.  The new neighbours are moving in…and I thought it was them shifting back…but it’s not, because the dog is a different colour!  Okay, maybe I’m worrying prematurely…they might be very nice people…but, why do they all have to look the same?  Why the same breed of dog?  Same ‘music’…same….!?  Dunno!  Will keep you posted…
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  1. tigr permalink
    July 1, 2008 10:27 pm

    Keep up the intake of bulky natural fiber and prune juice ready for more letter box dumping.
    Remember the old song from the \’brownies\’
    "A cabbage a day;
    helps you work rest and
    ….crap through some ones letter box when ever the urge takes youuuuuuuuuuuuu "…ping !

  2. Sandi permalink
    July 1, 2008 10:48 pm

    That stinks!
    As is usual with…erm…\’them\’…they do not think of other people, so they began the move…not so long ago…banging and thumping emanating from down there…will probably go on until…until…?  Who knows! 
    Am I getting paranoid….? 
    Oh…a cockchafer is trying to brain itself at the window…poor creature!
    Am I just waffling now?

  3. tigr permalink
    July 2, 2008 1:44 pm

    Wassat about a cock banging on the window ?
    Praps \’big boy\’ down stairs wants to make friends ….!

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