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She’s Back!!!

July 3, 2008
Yes, she’s back!  Vulcan XH558 is back at Waddington. Open-mouthed 
She was due to fly in at 15.00, while I was in town, and there I was straining my ears for a sound of her approach…nothing!  Maybe I’d missed her? Sad  Actually, she arrived at 17.40…and we were able to watch, from work, when she did a display lasting for about 20 minutes…it was just like old times. Open-mouthed What a fabulous view from the fourth floor…straight across to the hill…it was just a bit far away for me to get a pic with my phone, though. Sad  Never mind, there’s always tomorrow or Saturday! Open-mouthed
I remember clearly when she left, on her jouney to her new home, 23 March 1993…she flew over with her bomb doors open, and written inside was ‘FAREWELL’.  I cried (big softie!) Sad  She had done flypasts of all her old haunts…Coningsby, Finningly, Woodford, St Athan, Scampton, and of course, Waddington, with a final salute to the Cathederal before heading for Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire, where she has been ever since, undergoing restoration and testing…and now she is ready for this year’s airshow appearances. Open-mouthed
What an awesome sight to see four Vulcans scrambling in less than two minutes…and what a racket!!!  They looked so big in the air, but it is surprising, when viewed on the ground, how much smaller they looked.  Disappointed
It’s been a long wait to see this magnificent aircraft back in the skies over Lincoln, and a lot of people are going just to see her…may the weather be as glorious as it has been today!
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