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Weather Does NOT Stop Play…!

July 5, 2008
Todays weather is supposed to be sunshine and showers…what we actually have is…rain and grey clouds, with a little sunshine, now and then…blink and you’ll miss it!! Sad  The airshow is in full swing, and I can hear all the flying displays from here…including the Chinook, which they can hear in the next county, I’m sure!  Three of the Arrows came right overhead as they went into their set, and the Typhoon and Spitfire have been flying round and round together, awaiting their tandem slot. Smile  I could have got a couple of good photos, there, if my camera had been at the ready (SLR…no film!) Confused
The thing is, I can’t listen to what is going on, on the radio, as himself is in bed, and the radio is in the bedroom. Sad  Ne’mind, there’s always tomorrow, and I’m sure the weather will be a lot better! Smile 
Maybe we will get up to the airshow next year, and I will be able to take lots of nice pics…so, from this poor saddo sat at home…have a great day, whatever you’re all doing.  XXX Open-mouthed 
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  1. tigr permalink
    July 5, 2008 2:59 pm

    Sorry you are missing all the fun.It was cloudy and grim here earlier but now it is warm and sunny with abit of wind so as you are not far away it is probably goint to improve you will know when the spitfire is bearing down on you,the sound of that Merlin engine is unmistakable  and the pop pop of the exaust as the g-force starves the engine of fuel at the top of the climb.A fantastic sound and the roar of the engine as it sparks back to full power in the dive back to pass over again.

  2. Sandi permalink
    July 5, 2008 4:09 pm

    They are fantastic aircraft, still…the BBMf ave been flying overhead, as this is the holding area while they await their slot…the Lanc is doing its\’ bit at the mo, and the Spitfire and Hurricane are flying around.  The Vulcan has taken off and is waiting to join up with the Lanc, for a flypast…just back from kitchen window…Vulcan flying in…OK…didn\’t see them fly together, but there will be pics in the papers…or even on You Tube?  That would have been a sight to see!  Sigh…
    The weather is lovely, here, now…thanks for sending it this way!

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