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July 6, 2008
Afternoon peeps…today, I’m just having a bit of a waffle-fest, so please forgive me…it’s me age!!
Day two of the airshow, and the weather is…wet and windy…again.  Himself is in bed, again, after doing another night shift…check out Bob’s Box for his own words of wisdom.  I’m trying to be ever so quiet…like the little mouse I really am…so we shall see just how well I do…hopefully, no knocking things over or dropping stuff! Embarrassed (That ‘Sod’ can take his Law and stuff it…!!!!)
‘Her Downstairs’, I haven’t seen a ‘Him’, has been fairly quiet since Glynis asked her to keep the noise down, yesterday…playing ‘music’ at full volume, in a middle flat, is no way to get on good terms with new neighbours, is it!  That has always been the problem when young, single parents move in round here, apart from these flats not being family-friendly (they were originally built for elderly and disabled people…with two flights of stairs and no lifts, etc…!), they are by no means sound-proof, so you end up with friction and frayed nerves, followed by falling-out! Angry  It’s all down to lifestyle clashes.
Yesterday, Robert reminded me that I was going out to the hen party at the pub…the landlady, Tina, is to be the ‘blushing(!) bride’.  So, I tinted my hair (probably wouldn’t get around to it, otherwise), put on a bit of make-up, and strolled up the road to our local.  ‘Boom, boom, boom’, went the ‘music’…bugger, I thought, I forgot me soddin’ earplugs! Sad…got drink…bit of banter with the cheeky wotsit behind the bar…went and joined friends on the ‘regulars’ side of the room.  Tina:  Where’s Bob?  Working.  Oh, dear…!  Kev:  Where’s Bob?  Working.   Sue: where’s Bob?  Working.  Eddie comes in and sits down…He’s Working! said I, quickly.  What?!  Sorry, but everyone keeps asking where Bob is, so I told you before you asked.  I’ve pulled!! Wink  Spent the rest of the evening flirting with each other…I think he’d had a bit to drink!!  A good evening…and I was only going to stop for a short while…you know, show me fiz and go home again…!
Now I’m going to have a bitch about my mouse…’cos it’s useless…feels like it has a stone in it instead of a ball Baring teeth…I prefer the ones with the light instead of a ball anyway…’cos they are lighter and easier to move around. 
That’s all for now, f-f-folks…will probably have another waffle later…TTFN…Wink
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  1. tigr permalink
    July 6, 2008 1:01 pm

    Flirting is good,i love it . Romannce is better.Pissed out your brain on the back seat with undies roun the ankles is best.
    …….Wot ?…wot did i say….?

  2. Sandi permalink
    July 6, 2008 1:33 pm

    You are such a tart!!…but I love ya…!

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