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I’m Cool…er…I Think…

July 7, 2008
Many apologies for todays blog entries…am feeling a little uptight over the uncertainties that still seem to be hovering over the James household.  Robert has been for his meeting, and he has had his contract terminated, which he will probably write about in his own blog…so check it out.
When all the racket kicked off downstairs, I just went a bit…what’s the word…well, you know, but have calmed downa bit, now…I think.  Thanks for the comments…like I said…yo-yo.  I must keep positive thoughts in my head, and evict the negative…and SMILE!!!Open-mouthed…well, will try…. 
Was thinking of deleting those entries, but I guess they show that I’m not always the happy, bouncy madwoman that some probably think I am, but am a normal (whatever that means!) person who has highs and lows…just like everyone-else. Confused 
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  1. tigr permalink
    July 7, 2008 3:08 pm

    Hi I could have written that blog myself  LoL.
    Thats just what happens to me i go down into the pit and moan and then feel better and embarresed about it and end up deleting the blog to stop reminding my self and others how erratic i am.
    Sorry to hear about your husbands job,bin there awful. Never know he might look back in the future and say"best thing that ever happened" but i am sure that is not how he feels now so give him support and it will all come out in the wash as my old mum used to say.

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