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Inconsiderate B*****ds!!!!!

July 7, 2008
Less than a f*****g week and the bitch has managed to annoy everyone here!!!  Dog constantly barking, baby crying, kid shouting (actually, they all shout as they are incapable of just talking!) banging and thumping and music so loud the whole building vibrates…and what does she care?!  People like her just laugh in your face and do it more.  She probably tells her Neandethal mates about the miserable b*****ds that she has as neighbours!  People like her should be on those estates where the rest of her kind are…why here?! 
Most of the people who live here respect their neighbours, and have consideration with regards to music and TVs, and on going about their business, and they apologise if they have annoyed anyone in doing so.
It has nothing to do with snobbery, as it is to do with lifestyle clashes…and, to be honest, the sooner she moves on, the happier everyone-else will be!!!
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  1. tigr permalink
    July 7, 2008 1:32 pm

    Hey keep a hold of your self lovely girl.You are a better person than some slag chav who\’s whole world consists of abusing good people drugs booze sex with any man desperate and sad enough to give them a second look and whinning to social services that
    "it ain\’t Faya !"
    Don\’t be shy or ashamed just keep a small log of the unacceptable excesses over a period of time and log the time and date and what happened and how it was disturbing and unfair on a neighbour.This is what the people who deal with this under class of low lifes want to have to confront anti social scum and get them dealt with.Councils,housing associations are very keen to show there active policy on this kind of shit these days and it will be your concerns they will want to address. Don\’t be embarresed about it you have a right to enjoy your home and do not have to put up with unreasonable disturbance and stress.Keep a list starting now and keep it true and considered and it will help you a lot if things deterirate and go on disturbing you and your other neighbours .You don\’t have to use it but you are better having it ready with times and dates if you find you need help from some one.
    So don\’t feel isolated and alone you don\’t have to accept it and no authority will suggest you do.B efirm be fair and demand the same consideration from to other neighbours and see what the wider issues are on the astate and write a private letter to landlords asking what they are doing to address the issues.A regular kick in the backside may be all they need if they are not already and they may suprise you with some of the things they have already done for others.
    You have the power,use it because a good and kind person like you deserves better and so do all your neighbours and friends.
    tigr x

  2. Nancy permalink
    July 7, 2008 1:34 pm

    yeah no what you mean have the same thing here two families roin it for everyone else. It seems politeness is a thing of the past. hope she dose move on for you take care nancy

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