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Party Games

July 12, 2008
This is an idea I had years ago, and which I was only reminded of this evening…because I find it funny when catching bits of conversations here and there…like on Spaces, flipping through the channels on the TV, or sitting in a busy pub/cafe/High Street, etc.
Okay, this doesn’t quite involve conversations, but it does involve Barbara Cartland.  What?!! I hear you cry…Barbara Cartland…why?!!  Because BC…wrote sicky romances, where all her heroines were goody two shoes little innocents…she belonged to the no-sex-until-marriage brigade, which are fine for young teenagers to read.
Anyway, take one, or more, BC romances, a group of friends…preferably after a few drinkies…
Person no.1 opens said book at random and reads the first sentence or paragraph, closes book and passes it to next person, ho does the same…and so on, etc.  Some of the stuff that is read out can be quite rude/crude/naughty/and very un-BC…but always very funny.
It also works with boring novels…well, anything really…go on…give it a try…
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