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I’m Confused…

July 15, 2008
I wish I knew what was…is…going on.  Our actual situation, at the moment, looks as bleak as…well, bleak!  Robert left his job with me to dedicate more time to his main job, at the school…only to have his contract terminated.  The financial…and ‘roof-over-our-heads’… situation is as shaky as ever…and I should be worried sick! 
Well, part of me is…it drags me down…but…I still have that feeling, that I had in the New Year, that by this summer things would be improving and getting back on track.  In some ways, things in other areas have lifted off and are just great…and getting better…but what about work and finances?  If we don’t get this sorted out, then everything else goes down the pan, too, doesn’t it?
‘Reality’ is showing me one thing…my gut is telling me different…should I trust my gut, and have faith in that initial feeling?  I wish I knew what to do…I don’t want Robert to talk me into anything that we will both regret…and he can be very persuasive…I just mumble about ‘feeling’ stuff…
If anything good is going to happen, I wish it would hurry up and happen…and I apologise for ‘wishing’…oh, soddit!  Waffling again…!!!
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  1. tigr permalink
    July 15, 2008 11:39 pm

    well this is my \’opinion\’ i am no expert but some times you have to take drastic action and not let a situation drift to long
    Accept no borders on your ideas and dismiss NO options out of hand Some times a complete cut and change of direction in employment is needed.Robert must avoid fallig into the trap off only cosiderig the type of work that he has done before.
    I made a complete cut with my former work many years ago leaving behind a wealth of training and experience because i married amd had a family and my work was not compatible with that.
    Many people thought i was crazy to start again in a completely different direction because of the initial money and status i lost but we survived and now have a better life than if we had carried on as before.
    Keep all options on the table it\’s safe and cosy to only read a page with your work on it but if you need more money then it is self defeating and only puts you back in the same insecure low paid work as before.
    Still what do i know i bin sat on me arse for 3yrs.
    keep your spirits up and be open to all opportunities you never considered before it worked for me but then i am a jammy bastard other wise i would have died years ago..ha ha

  2. Pamela permalink
    July 16, 2008 12:06 am

    i know how you feel to some extent. I lost my job of 7 + years back in March. They closed our warehouse. Alot of that going on these days, scary. I completely freaked at first, then realized that with my severance I could relax a bit and go back to school so that I could maybe get a better job. We`ll see how that turns out, I have most of my courses finished, it`s time to go back out there and try my luck. Now, see I`m waffling!! I say to trust your instincts, but have a backup plan. Good luck.

  3. Poppy permalink
    July 16, 2008 7:36 pm

    Oh dear, I was just passing and read your blog.  I wish I could find words of comfort and wisdom but I do not feel qualified.  Bad luck always comes in a rush.  We have to take a deep breath and soldier on.  There is no bad experience, just experience.  It is how we deal  with and gain from  it that counts.

  4. Bob permalink
    July 17, 2008 12:08 pm

    Ooo errr!Persuasive I am, is it?Don\’t worry babe, I\’m not going to try to talk you into anything (except maybe getting your kit off…).And stop fretting about the money thing.  I had four jobs before and if that\’s what it takes I\’ll have four jobs again, as long as you understand why I\’m never home, and don\’t hold it against me.I love you.  That\’ll never change.

  5. Sandi permalink
    July 17, 2008 9:49 pm

    You know I always worry about things…one of Life\’s natural born worriers, me!  Except when I let go of all this earthly crap and \’feel\’ (and sometimes \’see\’) good things…which is what I was on about…this part of me \’feels\’ the good \’vibes\'(?) and that part of me does the earthly worry thingy…if anyone can make any sense of what I\’m trying to say.  Would you call it a dual personality…er…wotsit…?  It\’s like I am chalk and cheese…I love classical music, Regency frocks, needlework, etc…then I love heavy rock music, leather and studs, motorbikes, military and naval history, etc., etc…see what I mean…?
    And, sweetie…you do every night…! XX

  6. Cornish permalink
    July 18, 2008 12:20 pm

    Go with the gut feeling. Just when you\’re about to give up (or even do give up) then you find out the feelings deep inside were true. I gave up on something back in the spring, even though my instincts said to wait, and then sure enough what I knew deep down was going to happen, did. That feeling had never been so strong before and I gave up on it. Thankfully it all turned out ok.
    No matter what happens though, you will always have each other.

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