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Captain Mainwaring’s Birthday

July 28, 2008
Saturday evening, I went to the pub on my own…Robert went to work.  A bit earlier, Robert’s phone went…Is Sandi coming to the pub?!  He said I’d be there soon.  Wow!  It’s great to feel wanted, innit! Open-mouthed
It was Captain Mainwaring’s birthday Do, and as it was sooo warm, everyone had gone outside for a change.  It was lovely sitting outside as the sun set and it got dark.  Anyway, I don’t know why John got called Captain Mainwaring, because he is not an overbearing, pompous ass…and he smiles too much!  (He’s the guy standing watching as Kev shovelled trifle into my gob!!)
Shortly after I arrived, his birthday cake was brought out for him to cut…I managed to get a pic on my phone…and we all had a piece (compliments to the cook…Sue…as it was a delicious chocolate cake with a yummy cream filling Tongue out)  Then John’s favourite music was played on a cassette/CD player, which we sang along to…while keeping hold of drinks, ‘cos every time one of us got up, the table/bench tilted, and it was a bit like being on a see-saw!
Robert finished work early, and arrived with a pizza, which didn’t last long, and this time, I didn’t get a look in withthe trifle…I wonder why?!  We didn’t leave until well gone midnight, so it was straight home to bed, as we had to get up early on Sunday morning….
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