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Rain Does Not Stop Play…!

August 8, 2008
Today is Dean and Tina’s big day…and still it is raining, here…though…wait!…is that a blue patch I see over yonder rooftop…?  Or, it could just be more cloud…of the blue/grey shade…’tis hard to tell at the moment. Disappointed 
Anyway, the pub was a hive of activity, when I arrived yesterday evening…Kev and Eddie were busy turning a pool cue into a fishing rod (someone had brought in a fishing reel…for the line, not knowing that it actually came out of the reel…!) by sellotaping the reel to it, adding a staple at the end…and making a fish out of beer mats and a bit of ribbon…boys will be boys!  They took it outside to play, and next minute the lass had brought it back in and pulled it apart to get the reel…I have o idea what the fishing line was being used for…!  John commented on the fact that girls always spoiled boys fun by taking their toys away from them…Surprised
Lynda started putting up banners and I was given the balloons to ‘play with’…I mean…put up.  OK…a long one…and…a round one…and…hmmm…a round one…there…!  Oh, come on!  Its gotta be done…it’s traditional….!!! Wink
After a while, me and Lynda left the others to get on with it, as they seemed to want to do things their way, taking over operations!  Fine by us…!!!  By this time, the rain had started.  Lynda went to go outside for a cigarette, but the rain was getting heavier and heavier…so she went to the front porch instead.  She called me out to look at the rain…and the white-water rapids flowing round the side of the building, past the step and from the road!  The beer garden was also under water, by this time…the path covered and the water lapping the step…I don’t think that they will be putting gazeboes up, do you?! Sad
Then the water started to come in the door, at the back, flooding the entrance to the gent’s, but worse of all…the cellar…!  The fire brigade were called, and they turned up to pump the place out…and when Tina found out, she nearly had kittens…the cake and flowers were in there, on the floor…!!!  Not to worry, someone had moved them onto the kegs…relief.
So, it turned out to be quite an entertaining evening, even though poor Dean and Tina weren’t too happy at these events, on the eve of their big day.  As the thespians always say:  It’ll be alright on the night!! Open-mouthed Gift with a bow Birthday cake Sun  
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  1. Sandi permalink
    August 9, 2008 8:41 pm

    Wot…nothing to comment on in this entry…?!!!  Not even about Kev and Eddie\’s \’dishing rod\’?  Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men…!!!  Oh, well…

  2. Sandi permalink
    August 9, 2008 8:42 pm

    Oops…that should be fishing rod…!!!

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