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I’m Pooped…!!

August 9, 2008
I have been reading Lucy’s blog entries about her bellydancing, this afternoon…that did it for me…on went the Latin/Egyptian CD, on went my tiered gypsy skirt and hip scarf…and I’ve been trying to remember all those bellydance moves I’ve been learning…hip circles, shimmies, figure of eights with the hips, shoulder shimmies, snake arms, etc.
I have quite worn myself out, so I’ve been watching the bellydance videos on You Tube…from Shakira to Egyptian, Lebanese, Oriental and Russian dancers.  Yup!  I think I’ve burned off a few calories, there…
Then Robert came home with a pizza…tuck in girl…!!!  Oh, well…you win some, you lose some…!!  Such is life…!!!!!!
That was last night…this morning I have been up and down two flights of stairs…that should really be down and up, because Im already up…taking stuff down to the recycle bin.  I’m afraid that I have a bad habit of doing a quick ‘tidy up’, when anyone comes round, and shoving the stuff in the loft…it used to be in the spare room (the Trebus Room), but that was converted into a library.  And I’m pooped again!!!
This last year has not been good, health-wise, so I have more or less stpped the clear-out crusade that I’d been on…with the result that the clutter is starting to take over…see a previous blog entry where I bitch about this ‘household, or domestic, pest problem…!!!
Anyway, I’m back on a mission to clear out the crap, so I will be up and down…or down and up if you prefer…all those stairs.  Now how many calries does that burn…?!!!
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  1. Sandi permalink
    August 10, 2008 3:58 pm

    OK…fine…!!!  I\’ll bloody comment on my own, then!!!!  I\’ll just throw myself on the floor and have a bloody temper tantrum…wah hah…!  Nobody loves me…boo hoo…!  Why do I bother…?  Sob sob…hic…sniffle…  😦

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