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Curse Alert!!!

August 20, 2008
WARNING:  This blog entry may contain foul language…!!!
OK…that bitch and her boyfriend have been back since Sunday, and as usual the noise has been constant…not just the bloody banging and thumping, but they have also had their so-called music banging out every evening, and all this afternoon and it’s winding me up so much that I’m on the verge of thumping one of those pig-ignorant bastards…which is something they will understand!!!  Not only the ‘music’ noise…which I think is turned up deliberately…but they have also taken to random drilling..!!  Random drilling?!!  No other sounds to suggest DIY, but the odd drilling…here and there…like he’s doing it just to annoy…what does one expect when they have brains the size of walnuts…!!! 
The council have said that they will send me a form…a fucking FORM…to fill in…!!!  Great!!  What else…?!!!  They will be sent a letter…oh, whoopy-do….the buggers probably can’t even read!!! 
I do know that other neigbours have contacted the councl about these ignorant wankers, but they will only be sent forms, too…
We have had enough!!! 
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  1. Princess permalink
    August 20, 2008 4:06 pm

    Yo Jackie, aaaw I am sorry 2 hear that. I know the forms don\’t seem like much but at least it is making it Public record that they are being a nuisance, so it is still worth doing. The more of the nieghbours that u can encourage 2 fill in theirs & return ..the better. Have u rung Enviromental Health? Tis a shame u can\’t record their noise & play it back 2 them whilst the\’re trying 2 sleep! Hope it is resolved soon, Luv PF XXX

  2. tigr permalink
    August 20, 2008 4:16 pm

    i thought public health would be consulted by the council but it is worth contacting separately.
    failing that my normal rates apply £4000 for a single or £6500 for a double .Thats all in and disposal of leftovers.
    You should go away on holiday the week of the contract delivery.

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