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Resident Vampire

August 20, 2008
Today was my appointment with the specialist at King’s Mill Hospital, near Mansfield, to see how I’m doing, only my doctor has not passed on my blood test results, again, so there wasn’t much that could be decided this time. 
Last time we went, the clinic was in the old part of the hospital…miles from the main entrance…this time, the new buildings were open, and…wow!…all new and modern…really smart…
Anyway, because he had received no results, I was given a blood test form and told to pay a visit to their resident vampire, so he could have the results directly.  My next appointment is in October, so hopefully I will be feeling a helluva lot better, and maybe come off the medication…fingers crossed…! 
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  1. Princess permalink
    August 20, 2008 3:33 pm

    Yo Sandi! Good afternoon! Oooh I hope so 2, my fingers will be firmly crossed 4 then! Hope u have a lovely restful resta day, the sun is out here! I am in & out with my washing!! Luv PF XXX

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