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Today I Are…Mostly Being Happy…!!!

August 25, 2008
Today I am definitely happy…now that they are gone…!!! 
Nobody should have to put up with selfish, inconsiderate, ignoramuses like them…but it’s a sad fact that many have to, and for a lot longer than we have…and with tragic consequences in some cases.  What makes these people think they have the right to make other’s lives a misery by their anti-social behaviour…?!  Why do they think that they have the right to do what the hell they please…?!!!  They have obviously never grown up and learned respect and responibility…and neither have their parents. 
Isn’t it a great big shame that we can’t cull these feral people the same way that pigeons and rats are..because they are exactly the same…vermin.  They don’t work in legal employment, instead they claim everything they can, get their rents paid…they steal, or destroy, what isn’t theirs…they spread mess and noise…and they breed…!!!
Anyway…enough about THEM…they have gone…the troll will be moving back in…and she is definitely the lesser of two weevils…!!!
HAVE A HAPPY DAY…Open-mouthed…I am…!
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  1. Natalia permalink
    August 25, 2008 12:27 pm

    Hiya Sandi, I am chuckling to myself about your culling comment, harsh but gosh….just sometimes the answer to an inbalance it would appear. Anyway good blog and I hope peace reigns. x x

  2. Princess permalink
    August 25, 2008 9:04 pm

    Yo Sandi! Aaaw that is GREAT news!!! Soz not been about, had 2 stay outta space whilst they sorted blog update prob out..they didna come in till 2day & they haven\’t sorted it!!! Grrrhhh…so I thought as they\’d let me back in , I wud try catch up wi a bitta space hopping! Hope u have a Great resta evening! Luv PF XXX

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