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Lost in…..?

September 3, 2008
Half the time, I don’t know what is on TV, but Lucy reminded me today about Lost in Austen, (thank you) which I have just watched.  It is about Amanda Price, a modern girl who is obsessed with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and the elegance,  manners and etiquette of the time.  Her boyfriend spoils her evening’s reading by turning up at her place, grabbing a beer from the fridge and plonking himself on the sofa….he offers her the pull-ring from the can and she asks if he is proposing to her.  With n uncouth belch he nods…poor Miss Price.
Then the strangest thing happens…Elizabeth Bennet turns up in her bathroom…coming through a ‘door’ above the bath.  When the bemused Amanda investigates, the door shuts behind her trapping her in the Bennet household…!  Oh, what embarassing situations she finds herself in, how totally unprepared and out of her depth…!!!  She knows the story, but the ‘characters’ obviously haven’t read the script…so how to get Mr Bingley to fall in love with Jane?  Send her to Netherfield on the horse, just as it’s about to rain, of course…but will all go according to the book…?  We’ll see in part two…!!!
So, if that was to happen to me, and I was to swap places with a character in a favourite book…would I fare any better…?  Who knows…!  How about you guys…?  What book, which character…and how do you think you would fare…?  Do tell…..Nerd
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  1. Cornish permalink
    September 4, 2008 8:26 am

    I\’d have to be a character out of one of my own stories. Couldn\’t get any more perfect than that for me. And I know how it all ends and how she thinks.
    I watched it too. I think the actors in this took their characters straight out of the BBC version with Colin Firth as they\’re exactly the same. Can\’t wait to see Miss Price assult Mr Collins. So far so good and it\’s very entertaining. I would love a dress like that!

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