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A Little Bit About Nothing Much

September 10, 2008
Talking of Jane Austen…I called in at the pub, on my way home, to see Tina (not the landlady, but the one who wants to do something with hats…!?!) about what she had in mind, but she asked me what I wanted to do…eh?  Why ask me…?  What does she want to do…?!  She asked about Regency bonnets, then asked if the Regency was Elizabethan…um…no, dear…the Regency period was over two hundred years later…!!  Anyway, she did say that she had been enquiring about a millinery course and dress-making courses, up at Bracebridge Heath…evenings…which usually means that they begin at…7pm…!!  Damn!!
Actually, when I said that I called in at the pub on my way home, I meant that Robert phoned me while I was standing in the bus station, for over half-an-hour(!!!), waiting for a bus that didn’t turn up…!!  He couldn’t sleep, so he went to the pub for a drink and I could meet him there…OK…I was going to, anyway…!!   Um…that’s about all, really…if I carry on, I will just end up waffling…as I do…as you know…so TTFN…x 
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  1. Kayley and Phil permalink
    September 11, 2008 7:11 am

    Do you ever read someones blog and think..mmmmmm…maybe we are not as nuts as we thought we were….lol

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