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A Funny Old Day…!!

October 9, 2008
It has bee a bit of a funny day, today…funny ha ha, and funny…er…yes!!) Thinking
The weather has been beautiful all day, so that has lifted my spirit skywards, and lovely words from my friend uplifted me, too…thank you Mr C…I left home almost skipping.  When I met my friend, Ange, for our weekly cuppa, she noticed that I was looking better, so I had to fill her in on the last three or so weeks, (as she has been working, she couldn’t make it for a couple of weeks), and how I’d been almost tearing my hair out because my thyroid had gone over-active again. Smile
Next, I had to go to the council to say "Ooops…I’m afraid I’ve got into a bit of a pickle over the service charge…um…my fault…sorry…!" Embarrassed  The lady was very helpful and accepted what I said I could pay…so I left there still happy.  So far, so good…! Smile
Next, time for some late lunch, so I headed off to Fresh To Go where I had a chicken and bacon baguette with cheese.  This was cooked, and came back hot and crispy with the cheese melted…lovely.  While I was enjoying this, I heard a sharp ‘snap’ and was surprised to see my front tooth drop onto the tray…!!  Oh, bugger!!! Surprised  So, out came me plate…only two teeth on it…I broke the front one when I fell off my bike and tried to eat tarmac…!!  Karen, who works there, asked what was wrong, so I turned and grinned at her and fell about laughing, explaining that it wasn’t my real tooth.  I said that I would just have to go and grin at people, now…then kept smiling at her and making her laugh…! Open-mouthed
Of course, I did have to keep explaining to people, who thought that I’d broken my real tooth..anyway, I arrived at work to find the two girls that I’d interviewed the week before…I’d forgotten about them…what the heck am I supposed to do with them…?!  First of all, I had to get them to fill in contracts…OMG!!!  What do I put here?  What goes there?  I had to keep checking them and showing them that they had left out details here, and info there, only to be told ‘I don’t know that’…!  Talk about hard work…!!!  One of my girls called the Dumb and Dumber…!  They said that they’d cleaned caravans at the interview, but this time they said that they had only cleaned a friend’s caravan.  Oh…I see…!!  As a consolation, I did find half of the chocolate bar I’d bought the day before…and forgotten about…!  (Am I ill…?!!)
So, I can say that I have had a good day today…Party Wink
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  1. Princess permalink
    October 10, 2008 5:56 am

    Yo Sandi! Nooooo..ur not ill! Hehehehehe! Laughed at the girls saying they\’d cleaned caravans then it just turned out 2 b a friends!!! Now u have 2 give points their 4 embelishment & initiative! Hope u have a Great day 2day! Ooohh whilst tooth is missing this is when u need 2 get dressed up in ur witches costume & grin!!!Luv PF XXX

  2. Kayley and Phil permalink
    October 11, 2008 7:59 am

    Its so nice to see that we are not the only normal people on the net. Have you noticed how some blogs are all nice and happy things going on. No reality!!! Can we ask when you said you fell of a bike was that a motorbike?
    Phil has just the one tooth on his plate by the way.
    We always enjoy reading your blog…keep up the good work. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. LABW permalink
    October 11, 2008 9:32 pm

    Oh dear ..sorry about the tooth…when I was a kid I chewed tarmac and had half a front tooth..about 20years ago Iwas eating my Sunday lunch.. and like your good self…Snap ..tink.. The dentist put one on a steel peg into what was left of root..this lasted about 5 years..till one day at work I was explaining to an engineer what we where doing and the bloody thing fell out on the floor..he thought that was really funny.I then had a plate…with just the one I now have had a bridge which so far has been really good apart from the price!!! At work if I fall off a structure the harness saves me but..I always seem to crack a tooth with sudden jolt…lol.
     Apart from me bridge I seem to have at the last count approx £2500 gold teeth /fillings…bugger.
    As for peeps who work with who and what they and do and what they actually can do….monkeys biting their young comes to….I seem to have rambled here…bugger…well you started
       LABW  x

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