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Girls, Wally, and Beetroot Boy…!

October 11, 2008
Yesterday was another ‘funny’ day…in a way.  The two girls turned up for work, and this time I put them with the girls they would be working with next week…much to the relief of the two who will be off on holiday, who I’d put them with first. 
Trying to get their contracts filled in was …very…hard…work…!  They didn’t seem to have much clue about anything…and later, I’d had one of them with me, and found she was like a bloody shadow!!  Anyway, Emily came up to remind me about the courier, and said, most vehemently, that she would not work with the girl I’d put with her, and proceeded to give a list of reasons why.  It was obvious that these girls were not suitable, and to avoid a mutiny, I had to let them go.  It’s a shame, really, because all they need is someone to have the time to work with them…and bucket-loads of patience…!!!
After work, I went to the pub, as it was Wally’s birthday…I saw on one of his cards that he’s seventy-nine…his daughter, Sue, had baked a lovely cake…as usual, and there was a bit of a spread.  Kev noticed that I’d lost weight…thank you…and we all had a laugh over my gap-toothed grin…Sue and Kev’s son also has a gappy grin as he has three teeth missing…so, he wins…!  The poor boy kept getting embarassed if any conversation took even a saucy turn…so you can guess what we ended up talking about…he turned a lovely shade of beetroot…!!!  
Right…gotta go and do some more h***e-w**k…apologies for swearing…!  (I keep getting side-tracked…!!!) Thinking   
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  1. Princess permalink
    October 11, 2008 1:50 pm

    Yo Jackie! Good afters!! hhhehehehe, read the link from the blog below!! soooo funny! Oh that word sure is a swearword & it seems never ending! Hope u have a Good resat day! Luv PF XXX

  2. commander permalink
    October 11, 2008 1:50 pm

    I cannot tell a lie …so have i …..
    A big gap i mean ,not gob …well perhaps.
    Bin losin em one by one for years but clingin on .
    have a small front top plate but it don;t fit properly any more and is very loose so i only wear it when i am out .
    have to carefully slip it in me pocket when we eat out which gets some double takes from other dinners who saw me with a full set when i sat down lol.
    The waiter sais "what can i get u sir" and i say
    " any shing shlopy "  and dribble on his little note book.

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