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October 20, 2008
Last night, as I was trying to sort out my photos, and add some of Dave’s, from Karen’s party, I realised that I couldn’t see them properly.  What’s going on?  Then the swirly bit started across the left side of my vision, moving to the centre and then slowly fading out…in all this can last from ten to twenty minutes, and leave me feeling fuzzy-headed and a bit nauseous.
It’s been quite a while since I last had disturbed vision, and my doctor Nerd told me that this is classed as migrain, too, even though I don’t get those vile skull-splitting headaches any more.  The funny thing is, I never used to get the disturbed vision before the headache came on, like most people do, and now I get the vision thingy without the headache.  Well, that is not strictly true, because I am usually left with the kind of mild-ish headache that feels as though my head has filled up with cotton wool. Sad
Last night, though, I was a bit purturbed to get the disturbed vision again!  This time, I thought it best to go to bed.  After Robert went to work, just before four, I just could not get back to sleep as the fuzziness was still with me and I couldn’t get comfortable.  Come nine, this morning, I felt really ill, especially when himself decided to cook something for tea Sick (his day is obviously arse-about-face due to working nights!!) as smells make me feel worse.  I don’t like noise, smells or movement when I’m feeling like this, and I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the nausea that was rising…Sick
Anyway, I’m still feeling iffy, but I’ve managed to eat some toast, and have finally had my cup of tea…roll-on when my head clears…!!!! 
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  1. Mike permalink
    October 20, 2008 1:40 pm

    Just leaving for work, hope your feeling better soon Sandi xxx

  2. Pamela permalink
    October 20, 2008 4:59 pm

    Feel better Sandi.
    I`m out sick today myself.

  3. Princess permalink
    October 20, 2008 6:27 pm

    Yo Sandi! Aaaaw poor u. I really feel 4u. I suffer from migraine. Only get(touch wood) about 4  ayear, but they floor me. I am luckyenuf usu 2 get visual disturbance b4 any signsa the headache appear, so I can take evasive action & ward off the main of it, by tabbing myself up. I usu get either black spots, a rainbow effect in the corner of my eye, or simply patches of lookin thru really unclear glass. After the headache, I usu feel lethargic 4 a day or 2. Hubs gets them also, he is actu sick with his & eldest son gets em 2. Hubs had one, with no headache so bad that he lost the use of his speech & one arm! he was hospitilized 4 a few days as they thought he had suffered a stroke, but it turned out 2b a migraine so severe, he had no headache! He had 2go 2 speech therpy 2 learn how 2 talk again!  Hope u feel better soon. Migraleve pink & yellow tabs usu help. If u have one, u shudna be on here!! Luv PF XXX

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