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Oh, What A Lovely Evening…!!!

October 20, 2008
This morning, the weather was lovely…very windy, with patchy cloud, and lots of sunshine…but I felt really ill…!!  By the time I headed off to work, this afternoon, I felt better, but it was peeing down with rain…!!!  The fact that I still felt very queasy and fuzzy-headed almost made me call in sick…something I never do, unless I can’t walk.
When I got to the bus stop, Carla was already there.  She told me that she’d seen a bus pass at about four-ten.  I left home at four-fifteen, and didn’t see any buses…and we ended up standing there, in the freezing rain (yes, we did have umbrellas!) until nearly five o’clock…I start at five…!!! Baring teeth  So, I had to let my boss know I was going to be late, then my new girl phoned to ask if I was going to be in…as no-one else had turned up!! 
My lazy girl was still at college, and she’d let me know last week, and the mother and daughter were supposed to be back today, but they denied it when Karen phoned them to find out where they were.  As it was, I was half an hour late…left standing at the back door for ten minutes because no-one would let me in…!!!  Karen, who lives in Peterborough, phoned me about it, and said she was on her way…and she arrived at six forty-five.  My new girl had got the keys and got stuck in to do what she could, and me and Karen finished off…I got dropped off at home just before eight. 
From now on, if anyone wants any time off at all, paid or unpaid, then they have to get their holiday form from me, fill it in, and it will have to be sanctioned by me or Karen…a month in advance…!!  They have been told time and again that if they want time off, it has to be in writing.  Now I know why some people don’t like putting it in writing…so they can refute claims that they were supposed to be in work by saying that they told me last week or last month…!!  If it ain’t in writing it ain’t happening…!!!!
The title ‘What A Crap Day’ obviously doesn’t make people want to read this, so I’ve changed it…now let’s see what happens…!
And, yes, this is a lovely evening…I got home from work, and Robert was up…and he’d cooked tea…you can’t get nicer than that can you…Open-mouthedRed rose 
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  1. commander permalink
    October 21, 2008 1:33 am

    Ah yes i remembe rthose sort of shitty problems well and do you know after sitting at home all this time i would go and do it all again lol.

  2. Princess permalink
    October 21, 2008 6:02 am

    Yo Sandi! Well done u! I am afraid being boss means being tough! I have had 2 come down like a ton of bricks on one person, but she\’s toeing the line very nicely now! hehehee! Hope uhave a better day 2day & that u feel much better! Luv PF XXX

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