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The Day So Far

October 25, 2008
Grey and windy…is the weather today…though the sun did put in a very brief appearance a little while ago, so there may be hope for later.
In the Daily Mail, today, is the story of the sicko, Graham Speed, who waged a campaign of hate, in Harmston, just along the Ridge from Waddington.  It was in yesterday’s Echo, but I didn’t realise that he’d held the whole village to emotional ransome…!!!  OK, a newspaper, it is a well known fact, does not print the ‘whole truth’ or they wouldn’t have a story, but this story just beggars belief!  A staggering 70 villagers were involved in the court case, this week…70!!  Just what had these people done to upset this man…?!!
It seems he didn’t need any provocation…just passing him in the street was enough for him to begin an evil campaign of slander….he accused the vicar of sending offensive e-mails about disabled people, he accused the pub’s owners of coming-on to customers, others were accused of being tax evaders, paedophiles, deviants and fetishists, adulterers, drink-drivers, and blaggards…no-one was safe!!
So why did he do it?  What makes a person wage a war on everyone in the village, for two years, with no let-up….spying on his neighbour, throwing eggs at her windows, taking photos and filming her, dragging wheelie bins about outside her home in the early hours, and setting off fireworks in the yard.  Is he just plain evil…or is he seriously psychologically disturbed?!  He claims to be on a lot of tablets since suffering a brain haemorrhage, but surely this does not give him the right to deliberately terrorise a whole village.  He was given an ASBO and banned from going anywhere near the village ever again…but what about his new neighbours…in Lincoln…?
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