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Of Banbury Stories And Pitching The Gammon

October 27, 2008
As some of you know, I can be as blue as megrim one minute, and in high rope the next, so it’s just as well that you can’t see me looking Friday-faced!  We’re at a bit of a low ebb at the minute, at a bit of a standstill…but not ready to swallow the spider just yet, d’ye know what I mean…my pockets are to let…!  It’s not because we were drawing the bustle or outrunning the constable, or anything like that…no, and I don’t particularly like to run on tick, neither…you know how it is…the cost of everything…prices going up…leaves us dished, y’ken…!
Now, I’m not trying to cut a sham…nor tell you no Banbury stories…but the truth of the matter is it’s enough to make anyone fly up into the boughs…!  I know that some of yous think I’m dicked in the nob…that I’m a trifle touched in the upper works…and that’s as maybe…but I ‘ll tell you this for nowt…I’m no bird-witted clunch!  See, me…I’m a downy one, so don’t try cutting me a wheedle…OK…?!!
I’m looking forward to a trip to the boozing-ken, on Friday, but these days I don’t like to get bosky…there’s nothing worse than dipping too deep, then casting up yer accounts…nah…my days of going on a spree are over…I prefer to just get a bit half-sprung and have a good time…cheers!    
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  1. Mike permalink
    October 27, 2008 1:19 pm

    Ermm… your skint! Know how you feel Sandi 🙂
    Betting industry is kinda weird, usually we go quiet around this time of year because
    people only have a couple more wages before xmas, plus ofcourse there are alot of
    worries about the credit crunch….yet i\’ve just worked the busiest weekend in months!!
    Just going back now! Take care xxx

  2. Natalia permalink
    October 27, 2008 1:20 pm

    Talk about Wax Lyrical Sandi, I understood every word and liked!!!!!! Well done to you, brilliant Blog. xxx

  3. Sandi permalink
    October 27, 2008 1:22 pm

    Glad you liked it…I love the Regency cant as well as the history and fashion…maybe I\’ll translate it later…and maybe that\’s a bag of moonshine…hehehe…!!!

  4. Princess permalink
    October 27, 2008 1:24 pm

    Yo Sandi, oh my head hurts now, but I think I have finally worked out the gista it!!!  I think we\’re all in the same boat….as long as we can keep afloat, plug the leaks & not sink..we shall reach dry shores…eventually! Hope u have a Great resta day!Luv PF XXX

  5. May 14, 2017 10:17 pm

    I had forgotten about this one…printed it off to read at our Secret Tea Party…whenever the next one is!

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