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Confession Time…!!

November 4, 2008
Well now…Lucy has confessed to sleeping with MCFC…ooooh!!!  Posters on the bedroom wall…!!!  What did you think she meant…?!!! Surprised
Rachel sleeps with chocolate…hmmm….much prefer that idea…literally sweet dreams…! Tongue out
I sleep…wi’ me eyes closed…!!  Well, it’s a lot easier to drift off to the land of nod, doncha know…! Wink
Anyway, our washing-machine has blown up…um…not literally gone ‘BOOM’, you understand but making a horrid stench…kinda like an electrical burning pong…!! Sarcastic  The window was left open…bbbrrrrrrr…and I’ve burnt an incense cone…and I’ve gone round with the air freshener…and the place still stinks…!!  I’m sure I’m going to be smelling it long after the nasty niff has vanished…psychological, you know!!!  It’s horrible!!!  I wish I had an….

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  1. commander permalink
    November 4, 2008 3:08 am

    ok the washin machine has died of liver disese ferom washin your pub clothes out.
    What the fug was all the rest about /………….?
    and your comment in me blog ?
    I bin worried about you recently .

  2. Cornish permalink
    November 4, 2008 10:37 am

    I didn\’t sleep hardly a wink last night as I was too hot again! Guess you could say I slept in hot chocolate last night.
    Sorry to hear about your pong. I\’ve got a goodun now after years of call outs for my Indesit. Want to borrow my mangle? It came with the house and came in handy over the years but is now sadly neglected. Hope today is better for you with no frustrations. xx

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