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Smelly Farts and Taking The Piss

November 5, 2008
You either love him or hate him, but you’ve got to hand it to him, he does make science fun…!!!  Who am I talking about, here?  Why, Adam Hart-Davis of course…!!  His TV and radio programmes have made science and history fun, and I find his enthusiasm for the subject quite infectious.
His column on Encarta had me in stitches…Why Beans Make You Fart…funny and informative…(says a lot for my sense of humour, I guess…!!)  Now he has another…Taking The Piss…a look at urine through the ages…fascinating stuff…!!  Did you know that urine was shipped from London up to Whitby for the alum industry, after Henry VIII fell out with the Pope…alum had originally come from Italy…and was used in the last stages of alum production.  Alum was a mordant used in the woollen industry to fix the dyes.  So, barrels of stale urine were shipped from the docks of London, up to North Yorkshire…and because the skippers of these ships were embarrassed about their cargoes, they said they were carrying wine.  “Rubbish!  You’re taking the piss!!”
See for yourself at by clicking on Featured Columns on the right of the home page, and scrolling down to Adam Hart-Davis – The Hart Of The Matter.
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  1. Kayley and Phil permalink
    November 6, 2008 9:55 am

    Great link thanx for sharing it with us xxxxxxxxx

  2. Princess permalink
    November 6, 2008 10:22 am

    Yo Sandi! Well it does sound interestimg! hehhehee! Hope u have a Good day, weather is pooey here! Luv PF XXX

  3. Cornish permalink
    November 6, 2008 12:12 pm

    I thought you were talking about me and my um er wind for a minute then (I like my greens you see). I actually already knew about the other thing after seeing a horrible history program once. I have no idea if it was the same chap doing it or not but it was very interesting. The things you learn eh? And the darned things you remember. Remember to take something out of the freezer – not a chance; remember that piddle was used to set dyes – yes. I think my brain\’s in back to front! Have a great day, I\’m going to take the chicken out of the freezer now before I forget again. xx

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