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Did I Imagine That…?!

November 18, 2008
Now I want you to be honest with me, here, but have any of you had strange things happen to you, that have left you wondering "Did I just imagine that or…?"  The reason I ask, is because this morning I awoke at 07.40 and noticed a smell in the room…as if someone had left an ashtray on my bedside table.  It was quite strong, but quickly faded until I was left wondering if it was the remnant of a dream…but I woke suddenly…wide awake…!  Very strange.  Now, both my aunt and uncle smoked…and they passed over some years ago…so, could it have been them?  I don’t really think so, because they never smelled like ashtrays!!
Another experience I had, last month, left me startled, as I was walking down a side street in town, wondering what to have for lunch, and where to go when suddenly…I felt someone kiss me!!  I’m glad there was no-one about, because I could just imagine the funny looks I’d get if they asked me if I was OK…."Oh, yes…someone just kissed me!"  Er…right!  Now I know for a fact that that was not my guardian angel…they don’t do things like that!  A mischievous spirit…from this world or the next…I know not…but it was nice.
These are just the recent experiences that I have had…there have been others…a couple involving birds, which are usually messengers…like Natalia’s bird of prey.  So, next time you find yourself with birds, or animals, suddenly following you, or camped on your doorstep for a couple of days…they might be trying to tell you something…and no, I don’t mean "Feed me!!"
PS…or should that be Addendum…?  Anyway, whatever…while I was in town with Mum, we went into Ruddocks so she could get her lottery ticket…while I was browsing among the magazines ‘old ashtray’ came back.  I must have jumped or something, because the salesgirl asked if I was OK….so I explained what it was, and she said that she couldn’t smell anything.  I said that there was no-one near me at the time…very strange.
When I was alone, I tried asking who was there…who was it and could they identify themselves, please, or speak to me next time.  I bet they won’t come near or by, now…maybe I’ve offended him for calling him ‘ashtray’…so I apologised…and OK…I know you all think I’m nuts…and now you’re positive I need locking up…I don’t care!  I know I’m not the only one who believes, and has experienced such things…!!
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  1. Natalia permalink
    November 19, 2008 2:09 am

    Yes I did have an experiance the day after I buried Keeva. Twice on consecutive days. I was going to Blog about it on the Anniversary of her death but it may not happen considering the circumstances. As I came from the door there was a very strong smell of roses in the air and the hallway felt very warm. Suddenly at the end of the hall something like a thick brown roll of fur a foot in depth travelled towards me. I could see it, not as a density but as a transparency. As it reached my ankles it wrapped itself around me travelling upwards until I was completely cocooned in it. It carried on until it touched the cieling and in my ears I heard the message, "I Love YOU!" The sensation I felt was warm and furry. I didn\’t feel at all scared as it held me. Just completely at one with this entity. When it happened again the next day I just knew it was her. Again with the message "I love you!" for two weeks after that although I couldn\’t see her she continued to ask me to follow routines as we did before. On one ccasion she was there warm and soft on my bed. Then one morning I was woken with a sense of urgencey. A little voice with the message "Get up, get up!" I jumped out of bed saying instinctively "You want to go out?" I opened the door as to let her out and as I did so felt something pass by me. After that day I never felt or heard anything again. So no Sandi I don\’t think you\’re Nuts. Having pointed out the bird of prey to me it was at that point my father was hospitalised and then went into a coma. I realise it just might have been a messenger, judging by the haunted look in its eye………… As Kenny would say. Deep Peace of the running wave Sandi. There is more to life than this. xxx

  2. Sandi permalink
    November 19, 2008 10:37 am

    When I realised that Jade was dying, I heard a sharp voice in my head telling me to \’go back to bed!\’  When I got up, I knew she was gone.  A couple of days later, she followed me out of the door when I went to work…har shadow, plodding along beside me…I always felt that she was an angel…everyone lved her, she was so beautiful.

  3. commander permalink
    November 19, 2008 2:15 pm

    iknow what can make y smell things that arent there …..but i ain\’t gonna tell ya cus u will worry lolwhich you will now i said it .
    had any dizzy spells lately or vertigo suddenly .anysudden eye problems that last only a short while even seconds …..the doctor is in lol.

  4. Sandi permalink
    November 19, 2008 8:02 pm

     Now you have said it…I am worrying…about you!  Keep taking the medication…and lay off the other stuff!  (Unless you\’re gonna share it, that is…!!)  Ooooh…a game of doctors and nurses, eh?  Where\’s me uniform…?  LOL!!!  Are you ready for your bed bath…or whatever they call it…then you can check my blood pressure…if you want…!                                                                   

  5. Cornish permalink
    November 20, 2008 9:24 am

    Loads of things have happened to me that there\’s not enough space on here to put them all. Some of the things I\’ve experienced would curl your hair!
    I\’m used to it now as these sort of things happen a couple of times a week, some stronger than others. It\’s usually someone popping over to say hello or to keep an eye on you.  I\’ve got a little girl called Emily that follows me around. She says I used to be a friend of her mothers. I don\’t know of anybody that had a little girl of that name. Hmmm, maybe it\’s from before! Now there\’s another topic.
    I get an ashtray too but usually put that down to next door smoking on their back doorstep and the scent wafting through my windows. I can usually tell when someone is there.
    Just to let you know as well, you\’re not coming up as updates on my home page. You\’re not the only one so I don\’t know if it\’s my space or if it\’s a wide spread thing.

  6. Princess permalink
    November 20, 2008 1:52 pm

    Yo Sandi, I popped in here 2 ask why u weren\’t blogging! Niether this one, or the one above has shown up on my update page! As u know I do believe. Altho I have not had the smell sensation , I do know that u can get them & they are associated with spirits. Intersting blog, I certainly don\’t think ur nuts! Keep us imformed if owt else happens, Luv PF XXX

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