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A Bit Of This N That

November 20, 2008
Well it looks like I’m now having the same trouble that Rachel had recently…namely that my updates are not showing up on people’s homepages…or in Updated Spaces…which explains why I’ve had very little response to any blogs or adds that I’ve done in the last couple of days.  Strange…as I have not altered any Permissions, or anything like that…so maybe it’s the Windows Live people mucking about…playing God, perhaps…?!! Sad
Anyway, I really am disappointed that our Fresh To Go has now become Greggs Bakers, with a whole new look…and with less choice…and no longer making up sandwiches to order.  They still do some of the baguettes and rolls as before, but one that I had only just discovered…really really tasty…they no longer do…typical!!  I’m not happy about it!!!  Fresh To Go kept their shelves well stocked…now they aren’t!!  They also did Tyrell’s Crisps…yummy!!…but now they only do Walkers…not a happy bunny!!!  And the small hot chocolate wasn’t even worth putting in a cup!!!  In a word, it’s now…CRAP!!! Baring teeth
Today, I tinted my hair…about time, really, as too much of the white stuff was showing through!!!  I tried Dark Blonde, this time, instead of the darker Light Golden Brown, which has a more copper tone to it.  It looks OK, but at the moment it’s made my hair look mid brown…but it will lighten the more I wash it…rather than leave roots…like Robert’s awful blonde!!! Open-mouthed
After he did his hair platinum blonde, it grew quite quickly and his roots looked really dreadful…I suggested he take the clippers to his barnet, now, but instead…he bought another kit to re-do his bloomin’ roots…and I had to help him do the back…!!!!  I’m glad the beard has gone…I’ll be glad when the blonde has gone, too!!! Sad
My chemise is taking shape, and I have had no problem with it’s construction…now I am flat-felling all the seams.  I have done the under-arm gusset seams one side…now I am doing the gusset seams the other…only Robert was talking at me, this afternoon, and instead of sewing along the correct edge, I discovered when I pulled out my basting thread that I’d only stitched along the seam…and had to do it again!!  Luckily it was only a short seam, so it didn’t take me long to put right…luckily for him!!! Disappointed
I had to go into work early, today, as Karen (my boss) came in so we could start interviewing people for an up-comig vacancy.  Our ground-floor girl…the one who doesn’t do corners and under desks, etc., is leaving in a couple of weeks to concentrate on her college and work-experience work.  Four people turned up….one of those was actually with an applicant and asked if she could be interviewed too.  There were several who were no-shows, and we all know that they only apply for the jobs so they look as though they are ‘actively looking for work’…!!!  These people are a waste of space and should have their benefits stopped!!  I’m not going to get on my soapbox about them, as I’d be here all night…and you’d all be bored to tears…!! Confused
Well, that’s about it for now…I hope someone calls in to see me, as I’s feelin’ a bit lonely…Sad  Have a lovely evening, now…if anyone is there…?  XX  
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  1. Natalia permalink
    November 20, 2008 11:44 pm

    Hiya Sandi, Yes I\’m reading you loud and clear. "Thank Goodness!" A Strange thing is happening on my friends list though. Last week my friend Paul dissapeared off of it. When I asked Paul. He said he had no idea what had happened and now Mr C has just vanished into the mist. Yet when I visited his site I\’m still showing on his. This is becoming very strange. I thought I\’d let you know that Windows have been in contact and apologised for the email. Yes it was an error. I haven\’t had time to blog it or whatever as I\’ve been busy with Katie. Before I go I\’ll just say thanks for your support and when I get time I\’ll give you a nice pressie. No not another injun! Well not unless you want me to. 😉 xxx

  2. Natalia permalink
    November 21, 2008 12:10 am

    No you weren\’t showing up yesterday on my page either, but you are today so I assume the problem is fixed. Now whose nicked the Commander of my friends list??? I\’m gonna borrow that injun and go get me some scalps. ;o) NO, not you………. I wouldn\’t want to ruin your new hair do. xxx P.s Do you remember when he called you Cat Brain? I just roared with laughter when you showed up with a whip in your hand. Saying "Who are you calling cat brain?" Night. Night. xxx

  3. Princess permalink
    November 21, 2008 6:13 am

    Yo Sandi! Good Morning! I think it was a Windows Live prob, as there were abot 4 peeps blogs who didna show up day b4 yest, I thought it was strange how no one seemed 2b blogging. my homepage only had a rare blog update amidst friend adds or phots! Hope u have a Good day 2day! Luv PF XXX

  4. Cornish permalink
    November 21, 2008 8:38 am

    It all seems to be working again now. Blinking spaces is getting on my mammeries with all the faults these days.
    The new colour sounds good, do we get to see a piccy (you know what I\’m like with my pictures!)
    hehe, I did that with my chemise too. Mine was my own fault for not paying attention but it did make me giggle when I did it. I love flat felling now and do everything that way. I never knew about it before even though I\’d seen it many a time. The penny just never dropped.
    Have a great day today and a nice relaxing weekend too. xx

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