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Happy Monday – Part Two

November 24, 2008
Yes, I have to say that today has been a good one…apart from actually going out into the cold, that is!  I didn’t have too long to wait for a bus, I was early for work, everyone was in a good mood, no complaints or problems…and everyone seemed to bugger off early enough to let us get on with our work…brilliant! Open-mouthed
I remembered the Home Show early enough, and have watched it from the beginning…for a change!  As usual, I think the finished look is absolutely amazing…and I’m looking around here at all this damned clutter and crap and thinking "If only…!"  (Big sigh…) Sad  The thing is, I can see this little flat opened up, with glass doors and modern fittings and furniture…instead, at the moment, we have a pokey central hallway, which to my mind is just a waste of space!!  If the living-room wall was removed, and the kitchen door was doubled…we could have a dining table…ooooh!  By the way, how much would a new boiler and central heating cost, I wonder……?
Ye gods!  I have just remembered that I have a load of washing to do…if I want clothes for tomorrow!!  I guess I will just have to get it all ready for tomorrow morning and do it as soon as I get up!!  Don’t let me forget, now…!!
Right, I’m off to watch Grand Designs…have a lovely evening…XX
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  1. Princess permalink
    November 25, 2008 6:13 am

    Yo Sandi! Good Morning! Central heating systems can vary enormously depending on who u get 2 fit it! We had various quotes from £1, 900 (corgi registered fitter) 2 £6,000(British Gas!!!)4 the same system! urs will be cheaper than ours tho as urs is a flat & mine is a large terrace. So it does pay 2 get a few quotes! Hope u have a Great day 2day, oooh time, I have 2 zoom 4 my bath! Luv PF XXX

  2. Cornish permalink
    November 25, 2008 8:45 am

    Oh the things I\’d love to do with this place. A proper roof on my dungeon instead of a plastic one for a start! Haha, when the rest of the world is knocking down walls we put one up and changed the 22ft front room back into two rooms. Much better I think, for this house anyway. Knocking through to your hallway sounds like it would open it up summut grand. It would also be a lot lighter in all the rooms that lead off it too. If only, eh? Bought that lottery ticket yet?
    Have a grand day today Sandi. xx

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