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Sad Tuesday

November 25, 2008
Am I the only one who gets upset over the death of a little guppy?  I have just found poor little Tiddler nose up in the corner of her temporary home.  She’s definitely a gonner!!  And Robert is…was…going to get the tank set up this week…but now there is no rush.  Poor little thing…it probably got too cold for her….and lonely, all on her own…I’m feeling all guilty, now…! Sad
Think of something happier…!  I was thinking about writing a blog entry when I got in from work…then forgot about it after I found poor little Tiddler.  Ah, yes, I remember, now…I was thinking about how much I dislike winter with it’s long, dark nights, and short, gloomy days…yes, I know this is supposed to be happier…bear with me here!  Now where was I?  Ah..short, gloomy days…that was it…!!OK…this is as maybe, but there are things at this time of year to find enjoyment in…simple things…things supplied by Mother Nature…and Man.  What am I wobbling on about this time?!  Well, next time you are walking down the street at night, take a look around you…see that street light?  Notice how it’s light is shining onto the twigs and branches of that tree…?  I call it the Halo of Twigs…and it looks best when it’s been raining, and the twigs are wet nd shiney…it’s very pretty.
Then there is the frost as it leaves patterns, and makes things sparkle as if glitter has been sprinkled everywhere…and how clean everything looks when snow has settled…however little has fallen.  Nature’s beauty is all around us…so please take ‘time to stand and stare’ and enjoy, becuase it is natural medicine…good for your heart and good for your soul.  Try some…you’ll like it! 
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  1. commander permalink
    November 25, 2008 9:35 pm

    I was fascinated by frost when i was a child .
    The beautiful patterns in the ice in my glass of water next the bed.

  2. Mike permalink
    November 25, 2008 11:16 pm

    I get my face slapped if i stare at nature\’s beauty for too long 🙂
    Sorry about your guppy, but nice blog Sandi xxx

  3. Pamela permalink
    November 25, 2008 11:18 pm

    No Sandi, you`re not the only one. I`m sorry to hear about Tiddler.
    I shed a few tears when my Koi died a few years back.
    And yes, beauty is all around us, if I`m in the right spot at work I can see some awesome
    sunrises, and , lately on the way home the beginnings of gorgeous sunsets. xx

  4. Princess permalink
    November 26, 2008 6:05 am

    Yo Sandi, aaaw ((hugs)) I am sad when any of my fish die.I once lost a whole tank of them when the thermostat packed up & they boiled 2 death. Hubs made a comment 2 my sis(who was there when we found them) "Oh well, at least we can have fish n chips 4 tea!" & they both disolved int2 fits of laughter, wheraas I was really upset & thought they were being cruel & insensitive.
    Yes, it is nice 2 stop & admire, the things all around us..funnnily enough,yestturday I was admiring a clump of grass! Each blade had 2 perfectly formed rows of beads of rain on them, absolutely magaical it looked, just like it was encrusted with little jewels.
    Hope u have a Great day 2day Sandi, Luv PF XXX

  5. Cornish permalink
    November 26, 2008 11:53 am

    Sorry to hear about Tiddler, may she rest in peace.
    I used to love the winter walk to work at 7.15 in the morning when it was just turning light. There was always a blackbird that would sing the new morn. Most beautiful thing I ever heard. I always wanted to stop and just listen to it but if I did that I\’d never have gotten to work. And walking home then in the gentle rain near christmas time when all the shops are lit up and making the pavements glow.
    I love being out in nature and thankfully there\’s an awlful lot of countryside around here. Sitting on a ledge on the cliffs and watching the sun set while the sea is crashing beneath you is one of my favs too.
    We don\’t get much frost or snow down here. Not like we used to anyway. When I was young ………………..

  6. Unknown permalink
    November 28, 2008 8:22 pm

    I was virtually unconsolable when I lost Mac, Moby and Punkin to some sort of mysterious fish disease. I\’d had Mac for several years; and Moby and Punkin for over two. They are buried beside my dog Boxcee and cat Toupee back at home…. Now I have Dunny the Angel Fish (who is at least 6) and two Cory\’s who haven\’t been named. The heater packed in so I put a blanket over the tank to try to keep it warm enough.
    I love living in a country with a proper winter… never had one growing up. Southwest Texas\’ idea of winter is more England\’s idea of early Summer. But I still cannot ajust to it getting dark so early… that\’s just weird. : ) xx Jake

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