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I Want To Give In..! (whimper…!)

November 29, 2008
The battle is still raging…I am tired…I’ve had enough…! Sleepy
I can see floor space…but the monster is being pushed towards…and out of…the door…!  Then I will have to carry on fighting it in the hallway.  Yes…I’ve had enough!!!  It’s doing my f**king head in…!! Baring teeth
I want to stop…!!  But I can’t!  I must carry on…I’ve started so I will finish…but I am tired…I want to go to bed…but…but…where did all this crap come from…?!!!! Crying  It’s embarassing…!! Embarrassed  I’m ashamed…!! Embarrassed
Maybe if I kinda stop, now…a good night’s sleep will make all the difference…watch this space…!!! Sarcastic
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  1. Natalia permalink
    November 29, 2008 11:19 pm

    Now I know what you meant by slaying of the Beast Sandi….. For a moment I thought you\’d taken the whip to Roberts Anatomy. Sleep well. xx

  2. Pamela permalink
    November 29, 2008 11:23 pm

    LMAO!! Sandi, are you a hoarder ? S`ok, I am too, hate to throw anything away, i may need it some
    day… I keep saying I`m gonna start throwing all the crap away, but, y`know I`m the queen of procratination. Good luck sweetie.

  3. Mike permalink
    November 29, 2008 11:46 pm

    Don\’t feel embarassed or ashamed Sandi, this stockpile of stuff took donkey\’s years to build up
    and will naturally take a few day\’s to shift! I too have alot of books, but my big thing was shirts,
    it became a standing joke within the family that all i wanted for birthdays and xmas was more
    shirts (in the end i could have opened my own personal menswear store lol) I had a \’sort out\’ a
    few years back…..ended up with a dozen black bags full of them! The funny thing was that i tried
    a number of the older ones on……i couldn\’t even get my arms in them let alone come remotely
    close to buttoning them up! 🙂 Hope you get some rest and sleepwell xxx

  4. Sandi permalink
    November 29, 2008 11:48 pm

    Um…Robert\’s crap is worse than mine…he opens his post, brings home stuff…then makes a mountain…which then collapses,,,etc…!!
    My mess is stuff I\’ve used…and not put away when I\’ve finished…!!  Like when I was making my costume for Hallowe\’en…all sorts of stuff gets dragged out…then it becomes a pile…like Robert\’s…then they merge…you get the picture…?!
    I used to be a hoarder…then I said enough is enough!!  I don\’t need all this crap…so boxes and boxes of stuff went to charity shops.
    My problem is…I hate housework…!!!  I like making the mess…but I don\’t like clearing up after me…result?  A crap monster!!!

  5. Kayley and Phil permalink
    November 30, 2008 8:06 am

    Too much stuff not enough space….mmmmmm Yep we know that one…lol

  6. Princess permalink
    November 30, 2008 9:31 am

    Yo Sandi, aawww, well uv done well! Uv made a start & made some headway! I bet u had a good nights sleep last night & feel full of energy 2 have another bash 2day! I have got my stupid invoicing 2do, now Sandi…why didna u make me do it yest so that I got it outta the way 4 2day?!!! ROFL!!!! Ooooh I have so much junk! It\’s in the attic bedrooms. There\’s a sectioned off part where it goes down 2 the eaves. With a little door in it & we store stuff in there, in both rooms. I had spent a whole afternoon sorting one of these out so that it was neat. Well in this particular one, it is in my youngest son\’s bedroom, he was told that unless he kept his bedroom tidy, he wudna be able 2 go 2 the snooker club on a Fri. This appeared 2 work, his bedroom was kept tidy! Until……I went thru the little door looking 4 some magic trick boxes I needed 4 work. I opened the door, It woz chocca, u cudna get in! His idea of tidying his bedroom woz 2 open that door & wang everything in, then shut the door! I woz not amused!!! Hope u have a Great Sunday! Luv PF XXX

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