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Of Dummies, Festivals, and Promenades – 2012 – Commencing Major Catch-up!

January 21, 2014

In June, the weekend following the visit to the castle saw us heading down to Norfolk to pick up a dressmaker’s form, that Robert bought for me from eBay for a song.

We collected the form, which I named Mathilda, and headed for home…then the trouble started…car trouble! 

Mathilda, cleaned up and stripped of peeling tatty cover fabric

We were going slower and slower, until we came to a complete standstill the other side of Sutton Bridge!  A long wait for the recovery truck, and the drive back to Lincoln, and Robert ended up missing an evening’s work.  That was one expensive dressmaker’s form!!

Mathilda has now been padded out with wadding, to make her near enough my size and shape, and covered with an old polo-neck top.

In August, it was nice to see some of the boys and girls of the 44th East Essex again, and this time we didn’t have to travel far, as they had come to Lincoln for the Festival of History at the castle.  Also there were Romans, Vikings, WW2 re-enactors, and Mr Churchill…

The 44th guarding His Majesty King George III

Camp followers




Mr Churchill

Also in August is the Lincolnshire Steam Rally, which I was looking forward to, as I had never been before…but we had to miss it…either due to finances, or the car being off the road, I cannot remember which.

Maybe we were saving our pennies for The Asylum.  I covered that over on my other blog Sandi by Gaslight, but here are a few photos anyway…

Thursday evening at Widow Cullen’s Well

Punknic in the Arboretum

Steampunks in Castle Square

Lots of steampunks in the castle

What’s next?  Oh yes…the Jane Austen Festival in Bath.  I will blog about that at length in Roundgowns and Reticules.  This year the route through Bath had been changed, starting from Queen Square instead of from outside the Pump Room.  It made a change, but it just didn’t have the same atmosphere as previous promenades that culminated in the beautiful Royal Crescent.  This time the Parade Gardens by the river was our destination, where there was a lot more room for promenading, dancing from Steps in Time, and generally seeing and being seen.

In October, we headed for Louth for the Victorian Market.  I was expecting a few stalls in a hall, or market place, but was surprised to find that most of the town centre was closed to traffic, and filled with stalls…

Just one of the streets full of stalls

Just one of the streets full of stalls

Some beautiful Victorian outfits

Some beautiful Victorian outfits

Robert posing with the Lincolnshire Victorians

Robert posing with the Lincolnshire Victorians


The end of October, Hallowe’en, and what better way to spend the evening than going on a Ghost Walk around uphill Lincoln, followed by our usual Wednesday evening meet-up at Widow Cullen’s Well…complete with apple bobbing and a pinata.


Well now, as I have left this so long, I will have to leave off here, and re-commence this major catch-up in another post! 

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  1. January 21, 2014 5:44 pm

    it does look like a nice dress form though. I shall have to start looking on ebay for a new one myself, the old one was £2 from the charity shop, and getting a bit past it. not that ive seen it for the last few months, one of my nieghbours borrowed it for an afternoon

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