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St George’s Day – London 2011 – Part 2

May 26, 2011

Millenium Bridge

Oops!  I almost forgot about this blog about our little trek around London last month, visiting various watering-holes on the south side of the Thames!  Well, here I am again with the long-awaited part two…

Where did I get to??  Oh yes…I remember…the Founders Arms!  We left there and headed for our next destination, passing such landmarks on the way as the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre..

Tate Modern

Globe Theatre

By this time I had developed a bit of a headache, and Robert’s hand had gradually swollen more and more due to a bite received the evening before.  I had suggested that he take his wedding ring off before his finger got too swollen, and it was just as well he did, because by the end of the evening his hand and arm looked like an inflated rubber glove!!

We arrived at The Anchor, where most people were crowded onto the terrace/beer garden area, so we found a table inside…

The Anchor

When we left, the skies were beginning to darken, and it was feeling quite oppressive…which would explain my headache!

On the way to our next port of call it began to rain, and as we turned down one little street there in front of us was the Clink Museum…I wanted to go in, but everyone just sailed straight past…it was a pub-crawl after all!  A recent episode of Mud Men featured this interesting-looking museum.

The Clink Museum

The rain turned into a downpour, but didn’t last long, so we wended our merry way to a beautiful 17th century hostelry called The George…

The George

There were plenty of tables outside, but after the rain were a bit too wet to sit at, so we struggled to find a table  inside as the place was packed!  Eventually a table became vacant, but chairs were in short supply.   This is where Graham finally caught up with us.

Random madwoman finds a shield!

Anne-Marie, John, Ian and Jo

We actually stopped here longer and had more than one drink.  (By the way, I didn’t actually drink that much…several J20s with lots of ice, and one half pint, then I had the odd sip of Robert’s).

Next we headed for the Bunch of Grapes…

Random woman, Pete, Ian, and Graham

I found this pub far too noisy (must be my age!), the music was so loud I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying…or should that be ‘shouting’?  It didn’t do my headache any good either!  Besides, by this time I was ravenous and in need of food, and Robert had mentioned stopping somewhere several times, but it was always on to the next pub!

When we left, it was dark out, and The Shard looked quite spectacular…

The Shard

The next pub had a rather odd name…The Barrowboy and Banker…

The Barrowboy and Banker

I couldn’t work out what this had to do with the pub name though…

The Charge of the Royal Scots Greys above the bar

Anne-Marie and Pete departed from here, and the rest of us headed for…

The Mudlark

…The Mudlark…also seen on Mud Men as their base after grubbing about on the shores of the Thames.  Johnny Vaughan and Steve Brooker (AKA Mud God) used the upstairs bar…we stayed in the downstairs bar.

A full-sized replica of The Golden Hinde was moored near our last port of call, The Old Thameside Inn…

The Golden Hinde

The Old Thameside Inn

No, that isn't Johnny Vaughan...!

Graham, Jo, Ian, Pete, and Random Woman

The Thames at night

We stayed here until kicking-out time, then made our way back to the station…taking in one or two more sites…

Fishmongers Hall, London Bridge

The Monument

Next day, I could look back and remember a great day out…headache and sore feet forgotten.  🙂  

St George’s Day…London 2011

May 18, 2011

This year I definitely had a birthday to remember!  Not only did St Geaorge’s Day fall on a Saturday, but it was also Easter Weekend…and we were spending the day in London!

The weather was glorious, which is usually unheard of for bank holiday weekends, so I got very hot and foot-sore, and later developed a bit of a headache.

We headed down to Essex to stop with Robert’s friend Ian and his wife Jo, on Friday, and because the weather was so lovely had dinner out on the terrace.  The reason that I mentioned this is because Robert got bitten…but more of that later.

Tower Bridge

Saturday morning, we caught the underground train, which went most of the way overground, into London, getting off near the Tower of London.  We did a lap of the Tower, taking a stroll onto Tower Bridge before taking the riverside walk…

…past what used to be Billingsgate market…

Not Venice... Billingsgate, London

…the no so old London Bridge…

…Southwark Bridge…

Southwark Bridge

…and the Millenium Bridge…

Millenium Bridge

…then on to St Paul’s…

St Paul's

By this time my feet were killing me and I was feeling very hot and sweaty, which was not very nice at all!  So we headed down Ludgate Hill to Fleet Street to a little hostelry that Robert had been to last time he was in London…

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

…Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.  This was a lovely old inn dating back to the 17th century, with bars on various levels…mostly down in the old cellars…

From here we headed for the other side of the river to The Black Friar…

The Black Friar

…where we met up with Ian and Jo, and John and Anne-Marie…before moving on to Doggett’s…


…then to The Mad Hatter…

The Mad Hatter

…where Pete joined us.  Next we headed for the Founders Arms…

Founders Arms

…which was very, very busy…but we found a table!

This post is getting very long, so I shall leave it at that, and continue our ‘trek’ around London in part two…

Selfish, Ignorant Git!!!

April 1, 2011

Some people just make me see red, they really do!

We live on a nice little estate where most people take some pride in their surroundings (one chap will even sweep up leaves and plant flowers where all can enjoy them).  We are surrounded by grass and a few trees, and the area where we live is surrounded by mature trees, which is lovely, even though we are situated on a main road.

So, why has one individual taken it to be his god-given right to park on the grass every time he’s here?  It’s not as if there are no parking spaces at all, as he does it even though there are only a handful of cars parked along the road!  The grass is now showing signs of wear, and is beginning to form ruts.

This has been reported to the council, but the estate’s officer for this area is next to useless anyway, so I guess nothing will be done about it…and before we know it everyone else will also think it’s acceptable to spoil our surroundings in this way!!

A nice little estate starts the decline into slumdom…!!!

Planned Quilt

January 29, 2011

Last week I was browsing a new quilting website, when one caught my eye.  It was bold, but simple, and looked quite stunning…and I fell in love with it, thinking that it would be perfect for the bedroom.

It is called Black Tie, and there are only four colours involved…black, white, red, and beige…so I downloaded the instructions and printed them off.  All I have to do now is to work out how many squares I would have to construct, plus border, and how much fabric will be needed for a bed-sized quilt, as this one is only 45″ square.

The fabrics will have to be sourced and purchased elsewhere, as there is nothing to be found in Lincoln that is suitable for patchwork.  (Oh for the days when there was a choice of drapery stores, plus a lovely little patchwork and quilting shop on Steep Hill!)

Take Time Out To Sharpen Your Axe

November 6, 2010

Two lumberjacks set off into the forrest to begin their day’s work.  By mid-morning they had cut down the same number of trees.

When they stopped for lunch, one of the lumberjacks was looking as fresh and relaxed as he had when he started that morning, the other was looking decidedly worn out.

Refreshed, they began the afternoon’s exhausting work, but the second lumberjack was beginning to get annoyed because the first lumberjack had cut down a lot more trees than he had, so he began to work even harder, chopping away at the trees as if his life depended on it.

At the end of their shift, the first lumberjack had cut down twice as many trees as the other guy…and he still looked as fresh and relaxed as he had that morning.

The next morning, the second lumberjack decided that he would work even harder so that he could cut down even more trees.  By the end of his shift he was feeling quite pleased with himself, as he had doubled his quota…but again, the first lumberjack had cut down twice as many trees as he had.

This went on for a week, and in the end the exhausted and infuriated second lumberjack demanded to know how the first guy always managed to do more than he did, and still look fresh and relaxed:  “Besides, every time I see you, you are always sitting down…just what is your secret?!  Is someone helping you??!

The first lumberjack looked at him and smiled, and told him that there was no secret.  “Every time you have seen me sitting, I have been sharpening my axe.  You cannot cut down many trees with a blunt axe!”

Have you taken time out to sharpen your axe today?

Why Do They Do That????

November 1, 2010

Well…it’s been a while, but this has really peed me off!!      Why do they do it????

My beef is with companies who change a product, but don’t change the name!  It’s a different product, for f**K’s sake!!!  Change the name!!!!!

OK, I hear you ask, what has got me wound up now??  Fabric softner, that’s what!!  Comfort, to be exact.  I finally found one that smelled gorgeous called Sunshine…it had a nice fresh scent with a hint of amber or sandalwood.  Then it’s name apparently changed to Sunshiny Days…and it stank like lavatory cleaner!!  It was vile!!!    😦

Anyway, Robert came home from shopping, last weekend, and said that Sunshine was back on the shelves…so he bought some…YAY!!!  Washing was bunged in the machine, powder, then a liberal dose of Sunshine.  Sandi was a happy bunny…until clothes were dried and I went to iron them…!  Lavatory cleaner???!!!!  AAAARRRGH!!!!!!  VILE!!!!

Why do they do that????  It’s misleading the customer…in fact it’s cheating the customer!!!!!

Just A General Waffle

October 30, 2010

Well, well, well…time to write another blog, I guess.  Like the title says…Just A General Waffle…so…what shall I waffle about???

This year has been a year of change all round…work, home, etc. and not just for us, as friends have had their own changes to deal with…both good and bad.

Whatever people may say about such social networks as Facebook, I am thankful to it for my growing number of friends who share the same interests as me.  For years, prior to getting the computer, I felt like I was a minority when it came to a love of books, history, costume, and all things Regency/Napoleonic/Empire…and longed for someone to talk to and share observations, thoughts and ideas.  Thanks to Facebook, I now have that outlet.  Aren’t computers great!!

People met at the Jane Austen Festival have since become friends, and their worlds of re-enacting and costume-making, and of course history have inspired me.  Through them I have learned of many events…most of them I couldn’t get to…but a couple of them I did…(YAY!!)  In May, Robert and I went to Newstead Abbey for the NA (Napoleonic Association) re-enactment, and had a brilliant day, despite the changeable weather…and in the summer, I was able to go to the Burghley House Battle Prom…brilliant!

Last month we went to Bath for the Jane Austen Festival, and while staying in Trowbridge for a few days, popped over to Bristol to spend the afternoon with Natalia, where we took a ferry down river to the SS Great Britain.  In the evening, we met up with Robert’s friend, Leon, and visited a lovely little riverside pub.

The the following weekend we had Robert’s school reunion…and a bit of an adventure in London when the hotel that Robert booked for the Saturday night…was actually booked for the Sunday night!  So we had to get the tube from Waterloo and head back to Greenford to stay with friends for the night. 

The journey into London was uneventful, but it was a different matter on the way back!!  Announcement after announcement told of stations closed or the whole of the Central line closed, and as more and more people tried to find alternative routes, the place was getting more and more packed and hot and stuffy.  I was sure I was going to have a panic attack!!  It was not at all nice!!!  That evening,  the reunion was held at The Bridge Hotel in Greenford, and was a very pleasant contrast to that afternoon!!!

There have been changes at work, too, as it was discovered that there was supposed to be five cleaners and one supervisor, rather than me cleaning and supervising, with the result that I ended up running around like a blue-arsed fly every day!

At home, Robert finished papering the living-room, we got rid of the old sofas when we were given a sofa/bed, carpet was laid, the hallway has been painted white, and new downlights installed.  We haven’t finished the decorating yet, as the new architrave around the doors still needs sanding between coats of paint, and one of the over-doors still needs blocking in…it’s on-going…work-in-progress…but at least something has been done (after all these years).

So, what’s next?  Who knows…watch this space (as I’m fond of saying!)  😉